1973 Kawasaki S1 Update 4

With the tank stripped, it needed to have the inside cleaned out before it was sealed. There are several types of acid that will clean out the inside of a rusty tank but the easiest and safest is white vinegar- acetic acid. It is mild and you need to let it sit for a few days as it dissolves the rust and gunk but it is environmentally safe and easily disposable down the drain. Just fill the tank with a few gallons from the grocery store and let it... [Read More...]

1973 Kawasaki S1 update 3

Moving along with the S1, we are getting all the little stuff blasted and repainted. There are just a ton of small parts that have to be refinished on a project like this and it is pretty time consuming since it is detail work. Like the handlebar switches, bar risers, air cleaner, fuel petcock, side stand, etc. The speedometer is in nice shape but the tach is beyond repair and I’ll have to find a decent replacement. The tank is also bead blasted... [Read More...]