Honda V65 Magna Project- Part 2

After getting some of the big dents out of the tank, I primed everything with an epoxy primer to seal the metal and get a good surface to put the filler on. Even with the dents pulled out, it still will take a lot of filler to get the original contour and shape back. The front fender was originally chrome so it was bead blasted to get it ready for paint… Front fender ready for paint Tank with primer  Read More →

New Project- Honda V65 Magna

A friend of mine bought this Magna last year and has been slowly working on it to bring it up to the condition he wants. As you can see, it has a very “unique” paint job with lots of green and cream on everything! We are going to give it a make-over in charcoal metallic with orange flames. I started with an extra tank he had from another bike that had been dipped and stripped but has a lot of damage. So after pulling some of the big dents... [Read More...]

Custom Aprilia Tuono Project- Part 10

Here are a few final pictures of the Tuono. Amazing transformation from stock… In my opinion, Tuono’s are one of the best motorcycle values available- and as you can see, they are pretty easy to mod into something really cool. Custom Tuono Final 1 Custom Tuono Final 2 Custom Tuono Final 3 Custom Tuono Final 4  Read More →