Honda V65 Magna Project- Part 4

After a break for some really cold weather (and even a snow storm!) here in Atlanta, we are back on track to get the V65 done. The side covers are like everything else- well used with cracks all through them. After a little plastic welding, we are ready to sand and prime.  Note that one of the covers was originally red. It wasn’t uncommon for Honda or the other motorcycle makers to repaint excess body parts and use them on later year bikes. ... [Read More...]

ZX-10 vs V-8 RX7 Drifting Battle

This is a very entertaining video of a Modded ZX-10 in a drifting competition with a Corvette powered Rx7. Lots-O-Fun. Enjoy!  Read More →

Honda V65 Magna Project- Part 3

This tank was dented pretty much everywhere, but was solid with no rust. I’d rather fill dents than try to seal a rusted tank. So… I started by putting a layer of Gold Bondo over the big dents. The thing about filling dents is that whenever there is a dent, there is almost always a high spot somewhere close that will also need to be fixed.  In this case, I simply put enough filler on to give me plenty of depth to sand and get the contours... [Read More...]