1977 Honda CB750F update 5

After driving out the old guides, I needed to install the new bronze guides. First, I measured them to make sure they were within .001 in. The procedure is pretty simple- Put the head in the oven at 300deg F and put the guides in the freezer. After the head is all warmed up (30 min) put it on the bench and dip the ends of the guides in some oil before knocking them in with a drift. Make sure the drift is sized right (6mm) so you don’t round... [Read More...]

1977 Honda CB750 update 4- valve guide wear video

Since I could never get the bike to run well even after all the normal tuning and carb cleaning, I decided to pull the motor apart and take a look. It had a very “rattly” sound to it which bothered me. Nothing looked wrong except the valves had a lot of wet carbon build-up in them which suggested valve stem seals. But when I took the seals off, they were still pliable and soft. I checked a couple of the valves in the guides and they seemed... [Read More...]