2007 GSXR1000 Intro

Cycle World has their impressions of the new 07 GSXR from the Phillip Island intro. Improved power, handling and rider adjustments are among the changes for 07. With identical bore and stroke dimensions (73.4 x 59.0mm) as before, the 999cc long-stroke engine’s internals remain unchanged. Designers concentrated on increased combustion efficiency and reduced mechanical losses. Redesigned throttle bodies, with new more-compact 12-hole injectors,... [Read More...]

Indy Motorcycle Expo

The AMA has pretty good coverage of the Indy dealer show. With over 1000 vendors, you are sure to see some cool new stuff. Lots of pictures and stuff to make you envious of what you don’t have… I like cool new stuff, but I’m not sure I really need helmets with bluetooth and cellphone com. Sounds like a recipe for a crash. I actually like not having to answer the phone when I’m out riding!  Read More →

The New Ultralight

Got my new (used) Pegasus Ultralight delivered yesterday. Test ran the engine and checked it out in the driveway. Should get the wing on it later in the week and hopefully fly it.    Read More →

On a Similar Note

My crazy friend who stunt rides motorcycles, is putting together a Flight Star, and needed to break in the engine, so he decided to drive it over to my house (sans wings, of course). Needless to say, even though we live out in the country without much traffic, the few cars he did encounter on the 5 mile trip were pretty freaked out. It was a windy day, so he decided to trailer it back… Plus, I think the police were looking for him by then.  Read More →

Flying “Motorcycle”

[googlevideo]-825424937641575531&hl=en[/googlevideo] Well, really an autogyro. Saw this over at Bikes in the Fast Lane. Cool concept, but lets face it, if you are stuck in traffic in a major city,  you are not going to be able to just get out and unfold the rotor blades and take off. But there are definate possibilities where this could work- like if you live in a rural area with a long straight road you can use to take off from. That would... [Read More...]

Great Aerotrekking Video

[youtube]HaBwb28pUG8[/youtube]My new love is flying ultralight “trikes”, and this little video from Southwest Aerotrekking shows a little bit of why. Well done and it really does show why people describe it as riding a motorcycle in the sky.  Read More →

Well, this is different

BRP has announced their new 3 wheel Can-Am Spyder on their website, and it follows the same theme as the recent Bimoto stuff- unusual, innovative, crazy, etc. They have been seen in the wild at Tail of the Dragon and in San Diego. The video is from San Diego. The really unusual part is that most trikes have two wheels in the back, and this has two wheels in the front. I wonder if they will have these at Daytona next month? Anyways, check out their... [Read More...]

Crazy New Bimoto

WebBikeWorld has the scoop on the new Bimoto Tesi. Bimoto is know for creating bikes that push the envelope, but this is really pushing it! It will be interesting to see how the bike fares when the magazines get some testing time on it. I guess its OK to be different, but let’s hope that the bike is actually good. Concentrating on innovative technical solutions, the Tesi 3D has been developed entirely by Bimota’s in-house staff at the... [Read More...]

New Bimoto

Bimoto isn’t a name you hear very often, mainly because they are rare and expensive. Well the new DB6 promises to be both of those with a MSRP of 24,900.00 USD. But if you like your bikes naked and exotic, this might be just the bike for you. With a Ducati 100cc engine and the very cool trellis frame, it should be a blast to ride. Whether it is worth the extra over say, a Monster or Buell, is a personal decision… More info over at Sport... [Read More...]

Buy a Bike, Wreck a Car

Some guys came out to buy a ZX6 that I am selling, and mis-calculated pretty badly in a sharp corner on my road. Amazingly enough, all three of them walked away with bumps and bruises. The car is an Audi A4 I think and it is a testimony to good German engineering. The car survived better than the guard rail. The ZX6 is fine- he’s picking it up tomorrow.      Read More →

Orange County Choppers/HP Ad

[ifilm]2819749[/ifilm]Compared to some of the other Superbowl commercials, this is just average, but it is interesting to see a huge mainstream technology company like HP using Orange County Choppers as their poster child. Bikes and Choppers have come a long way. The bad boy image is now mainstream.  Read More →

Workers Strike At Harley’s York Plant

This is an interesting situation- It makes you wonder if the unions and workers are paying attention at all to what is happening in the US auto industry. Toyota is getting ready to eclipse GM as the world’s largest automaker and one of the main reasons is because GM has put themselves in really bad position with their promised benefits. From Speed– The union voted Wednesday to authorize a strike after rejecting the company’s contract... [Read More...]

Kawasaki Sponsors Stunt Rider

This is really a pretty big deal because until now, the big 4 Japanese manufacturers have stayed away from stunt riding and its bad boy image. But it is becoming more mainstream with factory support for teams from Harley Davidson/Buell (Illconduct) and BMW (Christian Pfieffer). In addition, companies like Icon and Dunlop support stunt riding teams with gear and tires. This of course is all being driven by media attention and air time. Remember, “it’s... [Read More...]