1977 Honda CB750F update 2

I’ve been working a bit on the CB750 and here is where it stands- the gas tank had a fair amount of rust inside and some small rust-through pinholes so I used the old distilled vinegar trick to clean it out before using POR15 sealer on it. Vinegar is a relatively mild acid that works well for cleaning and and stripping corroded metal. For a tank like this, just fill it up to the top (after duct taping over any holes) and let it sit for about... [Read More...]

1985 Kawasaki Ninja 900 update

Well, the Ninja is back together and looking awesome! The owner still has some small things to finish before it is ready to ride but as you can see, it is almost ready. The bike had a Kerker pipe on it but the stock pipes are in just about perfect condition so he rebuilt the carbs back to factory specs and installed the stock exhaust. With only 7000 miles on it, there are very few sportbikes that survive in this condition. It is really a trip down... [Read More...]