1977 Honda CB750F carbs- rebuilt

Well, I haven’t been totally unproductive for the past month but I haven’t exactly been setting the shop on fire with activity either. However, now that it is warming up, I’ll be spending more time working on the bike so it should progress more quickly… As “old bike people” know, the carbs on a 37 year old bike are usually in pretty bad shape. These were bad but not terrible. I bead blasted the float bowls and slide... [Read More...]

1977 CB750F update

Well, I think I’ve decided to go in the direction of the Street Tracker that Airtech has on their site. The tail plastic on this bike is cracked and pretty beat up and the Street Tracker tail looks great so we will probably use it. But, I’m going to stick with the original gas tank and oil tank. Colors are still up in the air… I like the red/white/blue scheme (especially the red frame) but I may do something a little darker- perhaps... [Read More...]