Kenny Roberts at the Indy Mile- 2009

Well, if you haven’t seen this, it is just great. He hadn’t ridden any bike in a year and he jumps on maybe the hardest, most beastly bike ever created and rides like it is 1975. Pretty cool.  Read More →

Kawasaki Suspends AMA Racing

Gone... This is not surprising considering the state of the industry and the economic conditions. Many dealers I have talked to are struggling to even stay in business so the manufacturers are obviously hurting as well… At any rate, they are not doing anything that some of the big auto companies have done in F1, etc. Still, with Kawasaki and Buell gone, you do have to wonder about the viability of AMA roadracing in the future. KAWASAKI MOTORS... [Read More...]

JD Powers Motorcycle Satisfaction Ratings

It really seems like a simple and obvious thing to do- call a customer after the sale and make sure they are happy. But apparently it doesn’t happen very often. That’s because sales people are pressured to sell and once a bike is sold, they move on to the next customer. But something as simple as calling the customer can reap big benefits because those customers are likely to tell their friends about the good service they received and... [Read More...]

Self Assembling GSXR… Very cool

Lots of time and effort went into this video of a GSXR reassembling itself. It is really well done. I wish my bikes would reassemble themselves like this!  Read More →

V-Rod Part 9- Finished

Here are a few pictures of the finished V-Rod Street Rod. This is a super rare bike that Harley only produced 700 of in 07.  In addition to the paint and cosmetic repairs, I also did a complete service that included new hydraulic fluids for the brakes and clutch, oil and filter change, new Dunlops on the front and rear, steering head bearings lubed and adjusted and a check of all the other stuff like brake pads, etc. So she is really ready to ride... [Read More...]

V-Rod Project- Part 8

Today, the weather was a bit nicer with temps in the 60’s and sunny skies. So it was the perfect winter day to do the final buffing on the paint. Even though the paint looks great after clear-coating, we wet sand everything again to eliminate any slight orange peel or dust specks in the clear and then do the final buffing.  We start off with a rough cut compound and keep using finer polishes until we get the perfect finish.  Here are a... [Read More...]

BMW S 1000 RR Intro Video

As a follow-up to yesterdays post, here is a nice BMW intro video for the S 1000 RR. Looks like the Italians and Japanese have some real competition to contend with…  Read More →

V-Rod Project- Part 7

V-Rod Stock Exhaust We are in the final stages of the “restore the V-Rod” project and is is starting to get really fun. Today, we get to install the replacement  exhaust and put the chrome heat shields back on the pipes.  The original mufflers were scratched when the bike fell over- not badly scratched, but enough that they needed to be replaced to make the bike look really good. So I searched around on the internet for some replacement... [Read More...]

Superbike Training for your new BMW S 1000 RR

BMW S 1000 RR Here is a quick little press release from BMW concerning their new S 1000 RR Superbike. When you are riding around on a +/-200HP bike that weighs in at about 400lbs, it might be necessary to have some really good training under your belt if you want to stay alive. Anyways, kudos to BMW for emphasizing the importance of good rider training… BMW Motorrad USA Teams Up With California Superbike School to Offer Rider Training on the... [Read More...]

Yamaha R1 vs. Aprilia RSV4

When you pit 2 bikes like this against each other, you have to remember that they are so close and so good that you are really comparing preferences instead of hard data. I suspect that 2 different testers may well have picked a different winner- and as they point out, on the racetrack everything changes.  Even the egonomics will make one bike better than the other depending on the rider. So, take your pick from 2 awesome bikes!  Read More →

V-Rod Project- Part 6

Before Polishing So, now we are in the final stages of our project and some of these are really tedious and time consuming. Since this bike was a daily ridden commuter bike, it wasn’t cleaned and polished regularly- so the aluminum parts like case covers, swingarm and wheels had that dull slightly corroded look. The wheels were cleaned and “brushed” with a fine grade scotchbrite pad which gives  them a nice machined/brushed aluminum... [Read More...]

Jay Leno introduces the New Aprilia’s & Moto Guzzi’s

Jay Leno is one of the good guys- he loves motorcycles, cars and pretty much anything with a motor. So, it is really cool to see him do the dealer show intro for Piaggio Group’s line-up, which include Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa. Press release from Piaggio Group- Moto enthusiast Jay Leno added his unique energy and spark to Piaggio Group America’s 2010 product introduction, held during the company’s October 2009 national ... [Read More...]

V-Rod Project- Part 5

V-Rod back on it's wheels Well, the V-Rod is on the ground and rolling. After a thorough cleaning with all the bodywork off, we are ready to reassemble. Wet sanding the tank (really, air box cover) is easier with it off the bike, but I won’t buff it until it is installed. Plus, we have lots of aluminum to polish. Wet sanding the tank It is starting to come together- the gauges and front fender are installed in between wet sanding and polishing... [Read More...]