Detriot Lions Hayabusa matching helmet

I just finished clearing the helmet I painted to match the Lions Hayabusa I did last month. Obviously the same scheme with the Ruff Riders/Lions logo on the side. It’s not a high quality helmet but I think it is mostly a display prop and not really for riding. Here are a few shots of the process from start to finish. Tomorrow I’ll untape it and then it will be wet sanded and buffed. helmet sanded taping off the stripe silver painted untaping applying... [Read More...]

Honda VFR800 finished!

The VFR is finished and looks great. The wings on the fairings are pretty ghostly- they are only really noticeable in direct light and even then you need to look for them. We also put red LED’s inside the fairings to light it up at night. VFR’s are one of my favorite bikes and this one really looks good in this scheme. It has just enough red with the rim stripes and piping on the seat to look classy and the LED’s just make it perfect. 2003... [Read More...]

Honda VFR800 update-3

The upper is all reassembled and installed. Hopefully I will have finished pictures by the end of the day. VFR800 upper installed  Read More →

Kawasaki ZX10R Recall

2013 Kawasaki ZX10R Kawasaki has issued a recall for 2011 and 2012 ZX10R’s due to the possibility of an oil leak which could get on the rear tire. Oil on tires is never a good thing… Here’s the info from NHTSA- BTW, I looked at one of these (2012) at the dealership on Saturday and they are not good looking bikes. The bodywork is just “off” and the “ninja” decal on the gas tank looks like something Hot Wheels... [Read More...]

Honda VFR800 update-2

The VFR is progressing- the wings are on the side panels and tank and everything is clear coated. The wings are just one shade lighter than the panel color so they are really ghost wings. At night, they won’t be visible at all. We will put some LED lights inside the fairings to light it up at night and give it some bling. The clutch cover was rashed up in the fall so it will be repainted in satin black. All in all, it is coming together nicely. wings... [Read More...]

2003 Honda VFR800 update

I sprayed the base coat on today- after several days of bodywork, sanding, more sanding, priming, more sanding, etc. As you can see from the picture of the turn signal opening, it is really critical to get every edge and corner painted or you will have the original color peeking out at you after the bike is reassembled. This is one of the things that car body shops are not good at when they paint a bike. If you are painting an upper like this, you... [Read More...]

Motorcycle vs. deer

This happened during a closed course rally in W. Virginia. The dude was pretty tough to get right back on the bike and continue the race. Deer are a huge problem for motorcyclists who ride on rural roads. I’ve almost hit a couple here in Georgia and I’ll admit, the “check underwear light” was definitely on!  Read More →