The Cars Guys Ride a ZX14

And they like it… a lot. Well, who wouldn’t. I mean sick horsepower and the resultant speed are really, really addicting. Motive rides and lives to write about it.The flamed out bike they chose is a little gaudy, but hey, they usually have better taste- at least with cars. BTW, they have one of the slickest, well done websites around. The car articles are worth reading too! We were headed for the hills, but had a few freeway exits to roll... [Read More...]

Old Triumph Video

This is some really cool old footage from the Triumph factory showing how the bikes and engines were produced. When they said “hand-built”, they were not kidding. I noticed that when they were building the engines, there was not a single torque wrench used. Every bolt was just “snugged up”. No wonder those old engines leaked so bad! Here is part 1-there are 3 parts, so follow the links for parts 2 and 3. Part 2 [Read More...]

Really Green Dirtbikes

Zero Motorcycles has the distinction of being the only electric dirtbike company that makes a viable alternative to the traditional gas powered dirtbikes we all know and love. Because they are electric, they are zero emissions and that makes the green crowd very happy. But lets face it, dirtbikes and ATV’s don’t really use much gas or spew much pollution. Certainly no more than all the lawnmowers and chainsaws that are out there. So I... [Read More...]

Motorcyclist Awareness

One of the biggest problems for motorcyclists is that people in cars just don’t see them. Thus they run into them on a regular basis. The reason is simple- they aren’t looking for them and they are distracted by lots of other things like cell phones, ipods and the food they are eating. So watch this very cool video and pass the link along to all you family and friends along with a picture of you on your bike.  Read More →

Leno’s S&S Mobil 1 Power Cruiser

If you’ve never taken the time to check out Jay Leno’s Garage, you are missing some cool stuff- and not just bikes either. He has some of the best cars in the world as well. Today, we are looking at his S&S custom built power cruiser. You know you have money when you call a manufacturer and tell them to build you a bike to meet your specs. And it really is a cool bike… an excellent blend of cruiser and sport with a huge V-twin... [Read More...]

A Little Evel

Good post over at Hemmings Auto Blog with some classic Harley ads from the Evel Knievel era. Cool stuff especially if you grew up in that time period. If you like the stunt/show stuff, check out for the Buell Stunt team.  Read More →