2014 Barber Vintage Festival!

Its coming up quickly- October 10-12 and I suspect it will be even bigger and better than last year. Every year it gets bigger and I don’t really see how they can get more people in there on Saturday or Sunday but it will be awesome. From the earliest Harleys, Indians and Triumphs to the 80’s and 90’s bikes, you will see it all in some form or fashion. Lots of restored classics as well as cafe resto-mods and tons of original survivors.... [Read More...]

1977 Honda CB750F update 3

Well, after installing and playing around with the rebuilt carbs for a  couple of weeks, it became clear that something else was wrong so I checked the valve timing and it may well be off, but its hard to tell since the timing marks are on the ignition advance unit and it has so much slop (maybe 5 deg). Apparently manufacturing tolerances weren’t all that good back in the 70’s! The #1 cyl also seemed cold and wet, plus the bike would... [Read More...]