1977 Honda CB750F restoration- update 15

Well, the motor is in! With a freshly painted frame, I was stressing about getting the motor back in without scratching everything up. It is a very tight fit that requires some twisting and turning, so I lined all the frame tubes with pipe insulation and duct taped the lugs and fittings. Having 4 motorcycle mechanically literate friends made all the difference. We snaked it in with no real damage to the paint. The updated Stainless hardware looks... [Read More...]

72 Honda CT70… aka: Trail 70 restoration

When I was growing up in the 70’s, every kid wanted a Trail 70. Now, they are quite collectible and thus restorable- so a friend is restoring his candy ruby red 72. It started in pretty rough but complete condition and is moving along nicely. I took a break from the 77 CB750F I’m restoring to do the paint on the CT70. Here are a few pictures showing the progress. Everything was bead blasted to remove all the old paint and rust. The candy... [Read More...]

Honda CB750F restoration- update 14

Well, the shocks arrived and are installed… these RFY shocks are Chinese look-a-likes of classic Ohlins or Penske shocks. Obviously not the same quality as Ohlins but not bad. This guy has taken them apart and looked them over and they really are pretty good for the money- about 100.00/set on ebay. Note that you will need to do some shimming and/or drilling to get the top and lower mounts to fit properly even though the vendor claims... [Read More...]