Yamaha RZ350 Restoration- part 4

The previous owner had welded some lugs to the frame by the steering head to mount a modern style Yamaha R1 steering dampener. Not a nice clean job and they were rusting, etc. The bike really doesn’t need a steering dampener and I want it basically stock looking, so I had to cut and grind them off before I paint. Here’s a few pictures. The motor is clean and ready for paint. It’s not coming completely apart since it runs perfect... [Read More...]

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 3

Not much to see- except a bare frame. The motor is pulled and sitting in the parts washer. The swingarm is apart and the nice thing is that all of the linkages and pivot bearings are nice and tight. So it is mostly a matter of cleaning and painting. I still haven’t decided on a paint scheme but I need to since the graphics will need to be ordered soon. The rear wheel will be gold like the front and things will move along pretty quickly from... [Read More...]

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 2

Well, the bike is almost all in pieces. The wiring harness is a mess since the bike was raced and some of the wires were cut. I’m sourcing some original stuff and will have to make some. After the engine is out, the frame will be painted back in the original red, and the engine will be cleaned and painted with a matte black. The pipes are off and disassembled. Some of the internal baffles needed some brazing and the muffler cans will be polished... [Read More...]

Forged Marchesini Wheels

These are some forged aluminum Marchesini that are going on a customers GSXR1000. The stock black was too plain for him and he liked the gold we painted the wheels on his Ducati 916, so that’s the color we went with.  You don’t realize how dull powdercoating looks until you see it next to something with good clear coat on it. These wheels look awesome… stock Marchesini wheel spraying the gold gold Marchesini wheels  Read More →

Yamaha RZ350 restoration

So, the front end is apart and we are making good progress. Front wheel is painted gold… the rotors are cleaned up and centers painted, forks are painted, all the handlebar switch gear is painted, master cylinder is painted, upper clamp is painted and the upper stay will be bead blasted and painted tomorrow. The prep work is very, very time consuming. No use putting new paint on top of old paint or corrosion. rotors and switch gear upper triple... [Read More...]

1985 Yamaha RZ350 project

Well, I’ve always wanted one of these so when a friend (the guy who owns the RZ500 and the Hejira) told me he knew someone selling one I pounced on it. This bike is a Canadian model that has a race history so the engine has lots of upgrades. It runs really well. I was originally going to just clean it up and ride it through the summer but plans change for the strangest reasons. In this case, the front tire was losing air so I needed to take... [Read More...]

Yamaha DT360 update

Here are the finished tank and rear fender. We cut off about 3 inches and relocated where the new taillight will mount. Great colors- antique gold and dark teal. The gas cap was is terrible condition so I stripped all the corroded chrome off of it and painted it in wrinkle flat black to hide the pitting. Tank and fender finished rear fender with custom taillight after clear coating  Read More →

Yamaha DT 360 pictures

After getting all the bodywork finished, the next step is to put the base coats on. In this case, we are using an antique gold and dark teal. We put the gold on first so that it can be masked off easily to put the teal on. Taping off the tear-drop panel is not a job for beginners. The lines have to match the contour of the tank and if they don’t, it will look very awkward and amateurish. Here are a few process shots- gold base coat gold on... [Read More...]