Suzuki T-125 Stinger Show Winner

1970 Suzuki T-125 Stinger This post is by my friend Jerry who is a vintage nut and guru… The T-125 in the picture above was the winner of the VJMC show at Barber’s a couple of weeks ago. My favorite was the 1970 Suzuki T-125 Stinger. I am partial to these; they are one of my favorite vintage bikes for a number of reasons. I adore the small bikes and especially multi-cylinder small bikes. Being 14 years old in 1970, I had a Honda CT-70... [Read More...]

Pocketbike Racing

It has been about 20 years since I did any real racing, but that may change soon. Well, actually, what I’m going to do is not real racing, it is just for fun. The cool think about pocketbike racing is that you can set up a track in just about any parking lot that will let you and have a blast with some friends. So, we are putting this whole thing together with a few guys and our first track will be in a church parking lot. Since there are all... [Read More...]

Some More Barber Vintage Days Stuff

There is a great photo blog by Vicki Smith about “Old Blue”, the Ducati that won the 1977 Daytona race and the men who did it. Since the original bike is no longer available, Barber commissioned a replica for the museum, and it is amazing. Take some time to scroll through the pictures and read the captions. That’s Cook Neilson (pronounced “Nelson”). Cook and his life long best friend, Phil Schilling did something in... [Read More...]

Motorcycle Gear Review at MSNBC

It is very rare that you see anything at all about motorcycling on any of the major news networks unless it is about a tragedy. So when I saw this article linked on MSNBC’s front page, I was shocked. The author is an avid motorcyclist and obviously loves to ride. He does a mini review of several products that include everything from PIAA driving lights and bluetooth helmets to Dianese protective gear. With all the people riding now, I guess... [Read More...]

Great Day at Barber’s Vintage Festival

I’m tired, sunburned and need a shower… Did I mention I’m tired? So here is a quick look at a few of pictures from the literally thousands of bikes that were there. Awesome weather, awesome bikes and great racing. More to come in the following days.  Read More →

More on Vintage Weekend at Barber

The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club has some good info on their participation at the Vintage Festival this weekend at Barber Motorsports Park. One of my friends will be showing his Bridgestone at the event and as you can see he is hard at work getting it ready! This should be a really fun weekend so if you are anywhere close to Birmingham, AL, head on over.  Read More →

Vintage Motorcycle Days at Barber Motorsports Park

Don’t forget to put next weekend’s vintage festivities on you calander- October 17-19. If you like the old cool stuff, this is the place to be for the swap meet and vintage races. Heck, I keep saying I’m going to find me an old FJ600 to race, but the reality is that I’m afraid to crash at my age… you know, the old “it takes forever to heal” excuse. But it sure would be fun. Check out Barber’s website... [Read More...]

BMW Announces the New K 1300 series

With 175 HP and a dry weight of 503 LBS, performance should be excellent. My only complaint with previous K series bikes was their top heavy feel. But it looks like BMW has totally reworked this bike so hopefully that is a non-issue now. We will have to wait and see what the road tests reveal. Press Release from BMW: The significantly updated and upgraded successor to the BMW K 1200 S is proudly celebrating its world debut at the 2008 INTERMOT motorcycle... [Read More...]