2009 Ducati 1198

If you have visited Ducati’s site recently, you have undoubtedly seen the new 170HP 1198 Superbike. I’m not too crazy about the white color, although it would look a lot better if the wheels were white as well. Still, with just a little paint work, this could be a stunning bike. The red color is classic and looks great with the dark frame and wheel color. If you want a cool wallpaper for your computer, click here and download some 2 wheel... [Read More...]

Smart Car Hayabusa

OK, this is crazy… A Smart Four Two (usually about 70HP) with a 200HP (give or take) Suzuki Hayabusa motor grafted into the engine compartment makes for a crazy and wild ride. Looks like fun. Especially the stoppies. What won’t people try? BTW, if the car looks crazy, you should ride the bike. Sick, stupid, insane are all word that come to mind. Oh yeah- fun, too!  Read More →

Electric Dirt/Trail Bike

Green is in even if gas is relatively cheap again. So Jay Leno takes a look at Zero Motorcycle’s new dirt bike. At 7500.00 it is a very expensive trail bike, but green is usually expensive… Even so, the allure of having a completely silent dirt bike that has 100% torque available at all rpm’s is going to tempt people who have a larger than average toy budget- like Jay Leno!  Read More →

Awesome Ducati Desmo and Truck

I saw this over at DucatiSpot and thought you all would like to see it too. From the SEMA show we have the ultimate race setup. I’m sure there is a matching tent and trailer to rest in between races:)  Read More →

Nasty Crash at Deals Gap

This was posted up over at the Kawasaki Triples Forum. Supposedly happened up at Deals Gap, which if you are familiar with it, is one of the best but most dangerous places to ride in the eastern US. Lots of guys buy bikes and head up there thinking they are up to the task and then find out that they are not… Fortunately, this guy looks like he survived with relatively minor injuries, but there are some really bad crashes up there. (thanks for... [Read More...]

Milan Motorcycle Show Coverage

Vicki Smith of Ducati.net fame has posted up a huge gallery of photos and comments from the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. It is worth the visit just to see some of the models- human and motorcycle;)   Thanks Jerry! When it comes to motorcycle shows, EICMA is the macdaddy. It’s easy to spend three fulls days here looking at the many pavillions loaded floor to ceiling with every brand, product and country’s products. This year the econony... [Read More...]

Ducati 1098 Streetfighter

The only feeling I have right now is um, lust. It has been a long time since I have had bike lust. All the new bikes are cool when they come out each year, but I have a hard time getting really over the top excited about most of them. I get to ride pretty much everything at some point and most of it is good. But this… damn. What we have here is a 1098 or 1098S without the bodywork and with higher bars. The cool thing is that it comes with traction... [Read More...]

Sportbike Rider Training Required for Military Riders

This is a good program and undoubtedly saves lives and reduces injuries. I read a couple of years ago that most of the Navy’s Blue Angels pilots ride sportbikes and that they viewed it as a measured risk like many other things in life. But they were quick to point out that training reduces risk in any activity and so this is the right move for the military. If we could just get training like this at least offered by the states it would go a... [Read More...]