Ferrari vs. Ducati

Not exactly a fair fight, but entertaining none-the-less.  Read More →

V-Rod Project- part 4

Forks and Wheel Installed Today I reinstalled the front end components- forks, wheel and the clutch and brake mater cylinders. Here’s a tip for you- always do your cleaning and polishing with the parts off the bike for ease and simplicity. It is way easier to clean a wheel with it off the bike if you want to get it super clean. After that, I hooked up the line to the clutch and brake master cylinders and proceeded to bleed them. You can get... [Read More...]

V-Rod Project- Part 3

Installing new handlebars With the forks back on and the steering head nut tightened, we can now install the handlebars and soon, all of the switch gear and master cylinders. In the mean time, the tank and rest of the body work has been cleared and is drying and awaiting reassembly. Tank after clear-coating  Read More →

V-Rod Project Part 2

V-rod Tank orange Tank in base coat V-Rod No Forks Well, I needed to strip the bike down more than I thought since the handlebars were tweaked and needed to be replaced and the steering head bearings need to be adjusted. I will say this- Harley does not design their bikes with ease of maintenance in mind. At any rate, the front end is off the bike and the tank is being repaired/painted. PPG makes a color that is dead on for the Harley orange. That... [Read More...]

Buell Motorcycles not quite dead…

You had to figure that Erik Buell would figure a way to keep his dream alive and apparently he has done just that. While they will not be making any more street production bikes, they will continue to race with bikes made under license from Harley Davidson. Here is the press release from Buell– Milwaukee, Wis. — (Friday, November 20, 2009) Harley-Davidson, Inc. (NYSE:HOG) announced today that following the company’s recent decision... [Read More...]

Suzuki T-500

Just a quick picture my friend Jerry sent me of his vintage Suzuki T-500. Beautiful bike… Suzuki T-500  Read More →

The Harley V-Rod Project

#gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ I picked up this somewhat ragged 2007 V-Rod Street Rod at the auction for... [Read More...]

Welcome to the new site

If you have been coming to motobikeblog for the past 3 years, you are probably wondering what is going on! Well, we are merging 2 sites into one for more (and better) content. NationalSuperbike is the other site where I post pictures and galleries of  bikes I have converted and/or custom painted over the years. With the 2 sites combined, you will be able to keep up to date on news and special events as well as watch current projects as they progress. ... [Read More...]

New MV Agusta F4 Video

Last year’s F4 had a MSRP of $25,000.00 so I would expect this new model to be somewhere north of that considering the dollars weakness vs. the Euro. Still, if you have the money- even in this economy, it would be hard to find something better to spend it on. Great video-  Read More →

Best 2500.00 Bike- 1983 Suzuki GS1100E

83 GS1100E To get a really nice 2500.00 bike, you either need to be lucky or be willing to settle for a small bike like a 250 Ninja or a Suzuki GS500- or maybe an old cruiser. Today’s bike is in the� “lucky” category. Most older big bore bikes are usually in pretty rough condition. Bikes like the one shown here are few and far between- especially since it is in like new condition and has a ton of very nice period specific upgrades.... [Read More...]

The latest in HD helmet cams

GoPro Helmet Cam Helmet cams have been around for a while now and the prices have fallen to where they are affordable to pretty much anyone who wants one. But with everything going HD (including Youtube), it was just a matter of time until high quality HD helmet cams hit the market. Well, they are here from GoPro, and from the video on their website, the quality looks really good. Check it out here…  Read More →

Triumph and TAG Heuer Bonneville to Honor Steve McQueen

Tag Heuer Bonneville I saw this over at Autoblog and wanted to pass it along. Apparently, this will not be a production bike. So, If I can get some dimensions on the graphics, I might just have to paint one as a special project and use the “Gulf ” logo on it as well. The classic Gulf Oil colors look great on the Bonneville. ATLANTA (November 5, 2009) � British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph and Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer... [Read More...]

Best $5500.00 Sportbike

2007 CBR600RR for sale Well, in this category you have a plethora of options depending on what year and size bike you want. The bike I see listed in this price range that I consider a particularly good deal are 05-06 CBR600RR’s and an occasional 07 like the one in the picture. Here is a good review of the 07 CBR. You can also usually find 05-06 GSXR600’s in this price range and sometimes a 750. R6’s and ZX6R’s are also priced... [Read More...]

Best 3500.00 Cruiser- Honda Shadow 750

Honda 750 Shadow Actually, if you have 3500-4000.00 to spend, you have all sorts of options when it comes to cruisers. A favorite for many people is the Honda Shadow.  With the economy in turmoil, you should have no problem finding a very nice low mileage 750 Shadow in this price range. A quick check of your local craigslist will probably turn up some great deals. If you live in a smaller city or town, do a search in one of the close by bigger cities... [Read More...]