Riding Tips From Dunlop’s Test Riders

Danny Roberts is a long time friend going all the way back to the mid 80’s when we raced together and ran Palm Beach Suzuki. After years of racing, Danny went to work for Dunlop as a test rider- riding everything from ATV’s to dirt bikes and sportbikes. A very versatile  guy with decades of experience is usually a good teacher. So check out this video on how to get the holeshot on a dirtbike.  Read More →

Best $3500.00 Bike- Suzuki SV650

07 SV650N side In the world of used affordable motorcycles, there is almost no bike that can compete with a Suzuki SV650. SV’s were great values when they were new and they still are among the best as used bikes. They came in Naked and Sport styles to suit different tastes- I prefer the upright seating position of the Naked bike for riding around town but guys that like the mountains might prefer the S model with clip-ons. With the motorcycle... [Read More...]

Congratulations to Ben Spies- World Superbike Champion

I was talking to a friend yesterday and he mentioned that Spies needed a little help to guarantee victory in the Superbike Series. Well, he got it- courtesy of Haga- I really like Spies but I was still pulling for Ducati. From USA Today: PORTIMAO, Portugal (AP) — Rookie Ben Spies has won the World Superbike Championship, becoming the first American to do so since fellow Texan Colin Edwards in 2002. The Yamaha rider won the first race on the Algarve... [Read More...]

The Best $5000.00 Bikes- Aprilia Tuono 1000R

2005 Aprilia Tuono 1000R Today, I am starting a new series on the best bikes for the money- ie. bang for the buck bikes. Obviously, the Buell 1125 deals I reported on over the past couple of days are right at the top of the list. At 5500.00, an 1125R or CR is just one of the best deals ever. But, those deals are pretty much gone unless you can find a Harley dealer that still has one. So my next smokin deal in the 5000.00 range is a used Aprilia Tuono... [Read More...]

Buell Update- Even Cheaper!

Buell 1125CR One of my friends went down to Harley Davidson of Atlanta and bought a new 09 Buell 1125CR for 5500.00 plus taxes. These bikes were 11,999.00 MSRP a week a go! Wow, that is a smokin deal. They had 4 left yesterday when I was there and by this afternoon, they were all gone. Since Harley is going to honor the 5 year factory warranty, these really are great deals. If you want one, don’t think about it, just head down to your Harley... [Read More...]

Cheap Buells- really cheap! 1125R for $6000.00

Buell 1125R Ever since Harley announced the demise of Buell last week, there have been reports on various forums (like SVrider.com) that Buells can be had for ridiculously low prices. One guy said that he bought his 1125R for 6000.00 plus fees and taxes. That is an insane deal for a bike of that caliber and Harley has said that they will honor warranties and supply parts for the foreseeable future. Still, it is a little scary since Harley can decide... [Read More...]

Volkswagen Interested in Ducati Rumor

Ducati 1198 I saw this over at Autoblog and thought it worthy of posting- especially in light of the Harley Davidson/Buell divorce/death. It has been a crazy day for the motorcycle industry, for sure. As recently as last year, Piëch – himself a Ducati rider even at age 72 – commented that Volkswagen could still purchase an unnamed motorcycle manufacturer if the conditions were right. Strike up the rumormill again, boys and girls. The Italian... [Read More...]

FZ1 and SV650- 2 Great Bikes for All Around Riding

FZ1 and SV650N This FZ1 and SV650 were in my shop for the past couple of months so I got to ride them both side by side. It is kind of a strange comparison, but I saw a guy on the FZ6 forum asking about which bike would better for him and so I thought I’d weigh in on it. My take is simple- if you have the money to buy either bike (the FZ1 is considerably more expensive) I would have to go with the FZ1 unless all (or most) of your riding is... [Read More...]

Pictures from the Barber Vintage Festival

Saturday was a dismal looking day with a low overcast sky and occasional light rain. Th clouds were so low and thick that the Aero Shell Aerobatics team only did 2 low passes because of terrible visibility.  But in some ways, it was a blessing in disguise because the temp stayed very comfortable all day. Most of the races were still run, even in the rain. The swap meet was packed with vendors with lots of stuff- most of it junk. But you know the... [Read More...]

Bike Night at The Vortex in Atlanta

Vortex at Night Thursday nights are bike night at the world famous Vortex in Atlanta. There  are always some cool and not so cool bikes that show up. But the atmosphere is always good. Guys hanging out and talking bikes. I didn’t get a picture of it, but one guy showed up on an old ZX7 with a 17in flat screen monitor attached to his rear fender under his tag. It was playing some sort of video, just seeing it grabbed your attention. Maybe a... [Read More...]

Barber Motorsports Park Vintage Festival- Oct 9-11

Wow, this really sneaked up on me and I almost forgot to post about it- If you are at all into the Vintage and classic bike scene- or think you might want to be, don’t miss this event. It is 3 days of exhibits, swap meets, races and tons of very cool bikes. Really, I went last year and highly recommend it. The museum is world class and should be on your “don’t miss” list. The club displays are great and the racing is really... [Read More...]

Yamaha FZ1 retro Kenny Roberts Scheme- Finished

Well, here are a few pictures of the finished product. As you can see, it totally transforms the bike. Apparently, Yamaha does have a kit similar to this in other parts of the world but I’ve never seen one in the US. Tapeworks.com will have the graphics available as a kit soon so email or call them if you are interested. FZ1 Stock Red FZ1 side view FZ1 Front Quarter FZ1 Tail  Read More →