Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 12

Well, progress continues and after fighting the old DG pipes which really didn’t fit well, I’ve got them installed and not contacting the frame anywhere. The radiator is back on- had to get the pipes on before the radiator… The brakes are ready to be hooked up and bled and the body work has the polar white base and pearl sprayed on. I still need to mount the taillight and decide how I want to finish/polish the exhaust canisters. ... [Read More...]

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 11

Today I’m hooking all the electrical back up and also doing a bit of bodywork. I’ll post that later, but here are a couple of pictures of the frameĀ  with the motor installed. Such a cool old bike… Trying to get the pipes to fit properly… view from the top- Renthal bars and switch gear installed    Read More →

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 10- the motor

The motor is back in the frame… it ran fantastic and was well set up when I got the bike. It only had a couple of thousand miles since it had been rebuilt although that was a few years ago. But after looking in the exhaust ports and seeing how clean they were with a nice medium tan color, I decided to leave well enough alone and just clean and paint. At some future date, when the motor does need to be rebuilt, I will media blast everything with... [Read More...]

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 8- rolling frame

The front end is back on and progress is being made on the hundreds of small items that will need to be refinished if the bike is going to have a “restored” look versus just a “repainted” look. While I’m not replacing every nut and bolt, I am cleaning and polishing them so it retains some originality but still looks restored. Check out the picture of the brake rotor bolts- so corroded that I had to break out the acetylene... [Read More...]

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 7

Both wheels are now painted and clear coated. The brake rotors are bead blasted and I think I’ll leave them like that instead of painting the centers gold or black. The rear shock is actually in very good condition and cleaned up nicely. I did paint the spring by hand since it was looking a bit tired. Most of the cad plated nuts and bolts cleaned up pretty well since they were covered in oil and grease and didn’t have much corrosion. It... [Read More...]

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 6

The frame and swingarm are done- clearcoat on the frame and a medium sparkle silver on the swingarm. I will say, you better be on your game when you are clearing a frame as complicated as this with lots of tubes, tabs, cross members, and 360 degrees of coverage needed. Here are a couple before and after pictures… While the bike will have an original look, it won’t be a showroom stock restoration. Like a lot of modern restorations, it will... [Read More...]

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 5

The frame has been epoxy primed and base coated. A few people have asked why I just didn’t get the frame powder coated. Several reasons- 1st, they can’t match it to the paint I am going to use on the panels and I want it to match. 2nd, The bike still has the original VIN sticker on the frame and that is worth keeping, so I taped it off and will clear over it after the base color is on- very cool VIN # – 000777. 3rd, powder coat is... [Read More...]