Motorcycle deaths stay high in US

Don't be stupid This article over at MSNBC¬†¬† spotlights a big problem for US motorcyclists. With recreational and commuter use on the rise, motorcycle deaths and injuries are a big problem for everyone involved- the gov’t, manufacturers and of course the families of those killed. I fix a lot of wrecked bikes here at National Superbike so I see the problem first hand – fortunately, I don’t know of any fatalities from bikes I’ve... [Read More...]

Suzuki T500 restoration update

Here are a few quick shots of the bodywork stuck on the bike that I took with my phone so we could get a feel for what it will look like. As you can see, the side fairings have a lot of bulges and contours that made it very hard to get the stripes to look straight. In fact, they aren’t even close to straight since you need to change the angles quite a bit to adjust for the curves in the panel but they look straight from the side. Still a lot... [Read More...]