Sweet Ducati Desmosedici RR in Leno’s Garage

Check out the video from Jay Leno’s Garage as he gets the royal treatment from Ducati. Thanks Jerry!  Read More →

New Harley Trike

From the floor of the dealers meeting in Las Vegas we have these pictures of the new Harley Trike. The first one is obviously a show bike but I think the second one is production. I’d rather have one of the Can Am Polaris built 3 wheelers that have the 2 wheels in the front and lean like a real motorcycle but I’m sure that these will sell simply because they are Harleys. You have to figure that with Harley sales down about 20% this year,... [Read More...]

Moto Guzzi Announces the New Griso 1200 8V

Pretty bike and the engine has a character all its own. Check it out at the Moto Guzzi website– From their Press Release- This newest addition to the Moto Guzzi line, the Griso 1200 8V has been designed¬† to flourish in the realm of two-wheel beauty and performance; a bold and brash machine that combines old world bloodlines with modern engineering. A harmonious marriage of chrome and satin finished metal, the Griso perpetuates the revered... [Read More...]

Women’s Motorcycle Month

We have a month for everything, and this month is Women’s Motorcycle Month. To celebrate that, the AMA Museum has put up a display with several women featured. Some of these women are amazing because of the distance traveled. But I’m amazed by the era they did it in. Bikes were not too reliable back then and women were supposed to be at home taking care of the kids. So helmets off to all the women who do amazing stuff like this. According... [Read More...]

New Harley Museum Opens in Milwaukee

Museums are cool and there are a few really good motorcycle museums- like Barber’s in Birmingham, AL and now the new Harley museum in Milwaukee. It really is amazing how far we have come in 100 years. The museum has the very first Harley- basically a moped, and everything else representative of their 100 year history. With 20 acres and 3 buildings- including a dining room, there should be enough to look at so the trip is worthwhile. With gas... [Read More...]

Scooters- Dangerous?

With the price of gas here in Atlanta at about 4.10/gal, people are trying to figure out ways of getting around that they can afford. Atlanta is a big, very spread out city with a lot of people living in the suburbs and commuting to the city for work. When you couple the distance with the fact that most people have big cars, trucks and SUV’s, the cost is really hurting a lot of people. Since I’m in the bike business, I have seen a lot... [Read More...]