New 2010 Buell Blast

“0 HP, 0 Torque, 360 lbs.” It can also be used as a coffee table.  Pretty dang funny advertising. The real story is that my Friend Wayne, who used to be Buell’s stunt rider, called me and said “check out Buell’s website for the new 2010 Blast”. I could have posted a picture, but I’ll let you have the enjoyment of going to the website itself.  Read More →

Castrol’s Robotic Test “Rider”… Very Cool

One of the cool things about working for an oil company has got to be the huge budgets you get to work with when you are developing new products. Castrol is one of the leading oil companies in the world and develops lubricants for just about everything- including motorcycles. When you think about the number of hours needed to test oil in all the different kinds of bikes under all the different conditions of heat, cold, etc, you can see why a robot... [Read More...]

BMW Sets Pricing On the New S 1000 RR Superbike

BMW S 1000 RR With the pricing on Japanese 1000cc Sportbikes in the 13K range, BMW is being quite aggressive with their new S 1000 RR price. At 13,800.00, it is right in the mix and will put a lot of pressure on the Japanese big 4 to cut prices. But the other big story is the Italians- Ducati and Aprilia. With BMW undercutting the price of their big bore Superbikes, it will be interesting to see how they respond. BMW MOTORRAD ANNOUNCES PRICING FOR... [Read More...]

A Little Fun with Ken Block and Ricky Carmichael

Two of the best ever at what they do… and it is pure fun to see this kind of skill. Enjoy.  Read More →

Dianese Motorcycle Airbag System

Very cool… as technology continues to improve and manufacturing becomes cheaper, the ability to ride more safely will increase significantly. Honda already has an airbag system for the Goldwing, but that of course wouldn’t help sportbikes or naked/streetfighter style bikes. I do have to say that the test rider is nuts. Talk about taking one for the team… Thanks to Jerry for the link!  Read More →

How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Ducati Monster

Defiled Monster I saw this over at Autoblog and thought you guys might be as offended as I am. Wow, apparently there is no accounting for taste- especially from a high end clothing designer. Tacky doesn’t do this justice. In fact, there is no justice for something like this. Maybe someone will buy it and repaint it red. Like God intended all Ducati’s to be! More pics over at Autoblog if you can stand them.  Read More →