Yamaha R6 update 4-

Here is a quick picture of the upper in the sun so you can see the yellow pearl. The base color is Viper yellow but I mixed a pearl coat to go on top that has diamond white, orange and red pearls in it. With all the different pearls, it has some flop and changes colors slightly as the sun hits it from different angles. upper in the sun  Read More →

Yamaha R6 update 3-

To get a really slick “dipped in glass” look, you need at least 4 coats of clear. So, I wet sanded the tank and upper with 400 grit and sprayed a couple more coats of clear on. Next, it will get wet sanded with 2000 grit, then 3000 grit and then buffed. Reassembly starts later today with all the ducts, panels and stuff that goes on before the bodywork. upper and tank...  Read More →

Yamaha R6 update-2

Well, the bodywork is all cleared and looks great. You can’t see it in this picture but the yellow pearl I mixed up looks awesome in the sunlight. Next up is some wet sanding and buffing and then final assembly.  Read More →

Yamha R6 update

Here are a few of pictures of the bodywork with the graphics installed and the tank stripe painted… it’s going to be a cool looking bike. strobe stripe installed main stripe tank stripe painted  Read More →

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Yamaha R6 Kenny Roberts Special- Part 2

Even after filler and hand sanding you will find some small defects that need to be spot puttied and resanded. After that, we are ready to put the base color coat on- in this case I’m using Viper Yellow. You really need to use white primer for a light color like yellow or you will have to put a lot of coats on. As you can see, the yellow is very bright- especially under the flouresent lights in the paint room. In the sun, it is a warmer yellow.... [Read More...]

2008 Yamaha R6 custom paint- Kenny Roberts Replica Scheme

So, I’ve been working on this 08 R6 that needed a complete repaint… It was originally blue but had been painted solid black after a crash- and done very poorly, probably by a car shop. I’ve found that while car shops will paint bikes for guys cheaper than someone like me, they always look like crap because they use big guns and skimp on the prep and detail work. So, this bike required a lot of sanding and hand prep to remove all... [Read More...]