Hejira Update- 6

Here are a few pictures of the progress- the red is on and the graphics are on. The Hejira decals that Tapeworks.com made for me are far better than the original that we had to scan and work off of. It is going to look great. The red/white/gold is a great color scheme and with the frame and engine being¬† black and the wheels gold, it all ties together nicely. Hejira tank w/graphics Tail Side panel w/graphics Upper w/painted number plate  Read More →

Hejira Update- 5

A few pictures as I get ready to put the red on… here are the parts with the panels taped up- so, what is under the tape is the polar white we sprayed on a few days ago. Laying out and striping panels is pretty time consuming. Lots of hours tied up in these but they are going to look awesome. front number plate All taped up… side panels masked tail number plates masked    Read More →

Hejira Update- 4

We’ve made some good progress- after some final sanding and finishing, the epoxy primer was applied and then we went back and touched up some areas with spot filler and block sanded everything. One of the biggest decisions to make on a 50 year old bike that has a hand made aluminum tank and fiberglass fairings is just how “perfect” to get it. The bike was not production quality even when it was new, so do you try to reproduce the... [Read More...]

Hejira Update- 3

The filler and sanding is more involved than it looks… you need to put the layers on thin, then sand, then another layer until you have the shape and contour you want. Lots of hand sanding and block sanding. It is pretty time consuming. Here, we are getting close to the final product.¬† It it doesn’t get done right at this point, it will never be right… tank and upper  Read More →

Hejira Update- 2

The upper and all the fiberglass is media blasted and as you can see in pretty tough shape. The upper has been patched together in a previous life and all the edges, corners and gel coat are very nicked, chipped, etc. I’ve laid new glass in certain areas to reinforce weak and damaged spots and I’ll be putting a skim layer of finishing filler over everything before sanding and priming. upper nose cone   upper sides  Read More →