BMW announces 2007 Pricing

If you are wondering what that new BMW you want is going to cost you, the wait is over! Here is the 07 MSRP list for the BMW line-up. From BMW Press Release- F – Series Models Model Year Model MSRP 2007 F 650 GS $7,525 2007 F 650 GS Dakar $8,225   R – Series Models Model Year Model MSRP 2007 R 1200 R $13,025 2007 R 1200 S $14,725 2007 R 1200 GS $14,875 2007 R 1200 GS Adventure $16,775 2007 R 1200 GS HP2 (incl. street wheel kit) $21,015 2007... [Read More...]

2007 Triumph Info

Motorcyclist has all the stuff on the new Triumphs straight from Triumph. Head on over and browse the info and pictures if you are interested. If you are into the retro 60’s and 70’s look, no one does it better than Triumph. Lots of cool old looking bikes with modern mechanicals and electricals.  Read More →

Classic Katana

Well, most people don’t associate the word “classic” with a Suzuki Katana, but that is only because they don’t look far enough back. Today, Katanas are mentioned in the same sentence with “cheap, starter bike, and outdated” but way back in 1982, Suzuki started the sportbike paradigm shift with the 1000cc Katana. It was crazy radical for its time, but it is amazing how similar a lot of the new bikes look to it.... [Read More...]

Ultralight video

Here is a nice 4 min video that gives you a good feeling for Ultralight flying- my new obsession.-4073173858510555759&q  Read More →

“Riding” a Skycycle

Riding isn’t exactly the right word since a Skycycle is an Ultralight aircraft, but that is sort of what it feels like- very cool. After another lesson last week, I am pretty hooked. I am fortunate to have a really good instructor who not only really knows Ultralight trikes (also called weight-shift Ultralights), but is also very good at reading his student’s ability and comfort level. This helps a lot and actually makes the learning fun... [Read More...]

Nicky fading?

Photo: Getty Images/Kazuhiro Nogi Nicky Hayden looked to have a good grasp on the MotoGP championship a few races ago, but with his 5th place finish in Japan, he is holding on to a slim 12pt lead with 2 races to go. Speed has all the details, but it isn’t just Nicky- he has been having some mechanical problems as well. Hopefully, Honda will get it sorted out before the next race so we have a great end to the season. Hayden came home fifth and... [Read More...]

Nicky staying with Honda

Well, the drama is over and Nicky Hayden announced that he will be staying with Honda for the next 2 years. He said he had some good offers from other teams but in the end, he wanted to stay with the team that had brought him this far. Cycle News has the whole story-  “Honda’s been my home for a lot of years, also in America,” said Hayden, who will again team with Spaniard Dani Pedrosa, just prior to a technical presentation on the Honda RC211V.... [Read More...]


This really falls into the category of “why?” Yet, it is an amazing piece of art. Check it out here.  Read More →

NTSB looks into bike safety

The NTSB is looking at bike crash and fatality statistics and it worries them because the trend is not good. Older riders on large cc bikes are a huge risk factor. In the last 10 years, there has been a 230 percent increase in fatalities among motorcycle riders who’ve reached their 40th birthday, according to Umesh Shankar of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Fatalities are also on the rise for seniors on hogs, according... [Read More...]

1920’s Indian Chief

Motorcycle Hall of Fame has a good article on the 1920’s Indian Chief and its development over the years. Interesting to see that Indian was at that time the largest motorcycle company in the world and Harley was just getting started. How times have changed… Say “Indian Chief,” and you probably think of the voluptuous, skirted-fender models of the 1940s.  But the legendary Chief actually began life a full two decades earlier, when... [Read More...]

Triumph shows their new stuff

Triumph showed their 2007 line-up at the North American dealer show this past weekend and one of the all new bikes is the Tiger. It is no doubt headed in a sportier direction with the 1050cc motor, braced swingarm, radial mount brakes and other sportbike type enhancements. You can see more  pictures and details here if this is your kind of bike. I bet it wheelies good.  Read More →

Honda goes all 4-stroke

Honda has told it’s dealers that 2007 will be the last year for 2 stroke dirt bikes. As you can tell by their press releases on the new CRF150R and CRF250R there is a big shift coming in dirt bikes. I wonder how long it will take for 2 stroke dirt bikes to become collectors items? Torrance, Calif. 09/12/2006 — Anybody with even a passing interest in motocross and Supercross racing recognizes that a revolution has recently taken place.... [Read More...]

07 Ducati Multistrada

Ducati has launched the 1100 and 1100S Mulitstrada’s as early release 2007’s. These are one on the most fun all around bikes you can ride, and they have that Ducati “personality” that you either like or dis-like.– 2007 MODEL EARLY RELEASE The Multistrada 1100 S earns its ‘S’ status by adding world-class suspension and componentry to an already loaded high performance motorcycle.  The powerful 1100 engine is matched... [Read More...]

Bike/Police chase video

Bikes in the Fast Lane has a crazy video of the police chasing a bike somewhere in Europe. The guy had cameras mounted on the front and back of his bike and is obviously toying with the police. Not recommended for safety/legal reasons, but the video is worth watching. It seems like the guy had done this before, but lets face it, you can only ride like that for so long before your numbers up.    Read More →

Flying a Trike

Well, After wanting to do this for a few years, I finally went and started taking lessons to learn how to fly a weight-shift ultralight- usually called “trikes”. They are basically hang glider wings with a seat and motor. It really was amazing since you are not enclosed in a cockpit. There was the initial “sensory overload” but after a few minutes, it seemed very natural. This should be on every motorcyclists “must do”... [Read More...]

Big Burnout

Here is a quick picture from the Guinness World Record setting burnout up in North Carolina a couple of weekends ago. Lots of smoke.  Read More →

New Gold Wing features Air Bags, Nav system and Heat

Yes, Wings are often called 2 wheeled cars and with good reason. The have all the comforts of a car (minus a roof!). When Honda introduced their new models last week, the one I didn’t pay much attention to was the Gold Wing. But it has some amazing technology available now- with the air bag being the stand-out item. Air bags are old school for cars, but this is a huge leap for motorcycles. A fully loaded model with all the toys is $24,349.00. From... [Read More...]


Speed has a good article outlining the remainder of the season and who has to do what to win. Nicky Hayden really has control, but as we all know, in racing anything can happen. Malaysia, Australia and Japan are the next destinations of the 2006 Motorcycling World Championship, that will be facing a dizzy final straight with three consecutive flyaway races in this intense month of September in order to continue moving towards the final point in October... [Read More...]

2007 Interceptor announced

In addition to the completely new CBR600RR, Honda showed us what the 07 Interceptor will look like, and it is basically the same as last year but with a very cool 25th anniversary color scheme available. I have had, maybe a dozen VFRs over the years, and for an all around bike they are very hard to beat- if a little pricey for what you get.  Read More →

Honda announces new models

Honda has posted details of some of their new 07 models, and the CBR600RR looks like it is going to be amazing. With a claimed dry weight of 341 lbs, and new everything from the wheels up, it may be the bike to beat this year. Pricing is listed at $9499.00.  Here is a list of changes from Honda- Class-leading power-to-weight ratio for outstanding acceleration and handling. Smaller, lighter, more compact inline four-cylinder engine. Improved midrange... [Read More...]

New Ducati Monster

Ducati announced a new 07 Monster today and it looks awesome. The Monster 2007 range is now bigger and better with the new S4R Testastretta. This new bike gains the famous 130 hp Testastretta low sump L-twin engine, previously mounted only on the top version S4Rs Testastretta. They have also announced that most models will require less scheduled maintenance and longer service intervals. That is one of the main complaints people have with Ducati-... [Read More...]

Harmony in the Home

As long as there have been motorcycles, cars, toys, etc,  stuff like this has been happening. Kind of cool that it has hit the mainstream media. Maybe someone will help the guy out and he can keep his bike. Funny in an odd sort of way. Steve Dyer is getting rid of his bike. He’s had it for only a month. But some things you do to preserve peace in the home. “I’m selling it because it was purchased without proper consent of a loving... [Read More...]

New Harley CVO models

Motorcycle Daily has an article on the new CVO Harleys and exactly what they are. One thing is for sure- they are expensive and exclusive. Check out the article here. Some nice pictures too.  Read More →

Who do you ride with?

Speed has an article about riding buddies and who we like to ride with. I actually, ride alone most of the time because most of my friends don’t ride. One friend who does ride is a stunt rider for Buell and always seems to be doing “stuff” that might get us in trouble. But the article points out that there is a new trend- guys and girls riding together. It could be husband and wife or boyfriend/girlfriend. With the rate that women... [Read More...]

New World Speed Record

Photo By Jean Turner Well, the 16 year old 2 wheeled speed record was shattered at Bonneville today when Team Ack Attack set the bar at 342.797mph- 20mph faster than the old record. That is moving on no matter how many wheels you have- heck, that’s fast in an airplane. Since there are several other teams that have brought their streamliners to Bonneville, we might see another record later in the week. Motorcycle legend Chris Carr is one of... [Read More...]

Mladin wins at Road Atlanta

Suzuki swept the top 3 spots at Road Atlanta Sunday with Mladin, Spies and Yates on the podium. The Suzuki’s have been pretty much unstoppable all year, and with one race left, it looks like Spies will win the overall championship even with a broken hand. Superbike Planet has the race results if you need them-  Read More →

Buell XBRR

SportRider has the specs and some pictures of Buell’s new race only XBRR. The bike competed in the Formula Extreme race at Virginia, and is racing this weekend at Road Atlanta. This is mainly a testing and learning session for Buell in anticipation for next season. It is always good to have a new, competitive team in the series, but Buell has definately got their work cut out if they hope to compete at the top level.  Read More →

Tire Changer for the Road

WebBikeWorld has an article on a portable tire changer that can mount to the trailer hitch on a truck. It is a little pricey, but if you have a bunch of friends that ride, it might be possible to split the cost. The benefits are many, including the ability to change a tire whenever you need to- not just when the bike shop is open and the ability to not scratch your rims, which most shops seem to always do. Here is the link to the manufacturer- NoMar  Read More →