1977 Honda CB750F update 8

While the frame sits forlorn in the middle of the floor, I’ve been working on some of the smaller parts- bead blasting and painting. Also, I’m working on the gauges. I like the worn, faded look of the faces but the cases will get repainted and I’ll put all new bulbs in.  Read More →

1977 Honda CB750F update 7

Today we are installing the valves, springs and keepers back in the head. Step one is to make sure you lay out all the parts so you don’t have to do stuff over like I did! I installed 2 of the valves and springs before I realized I hadn’t put the stem seals on. Start over… The pictures are a pretty good time lapse of how it all goes together. 1) Install the stem seal, 2) insert the valve, 3) put the springs over the stem, 4) compress... [Read More...]

1977 Honda CB750F update 6

Well, lots going on in today’s post- We are lapping in the valves and reassembling the head. As it turned out, 2 of the exhaust valve seats were oval from the valve guides being so worn. I found this out after getting the valves refaced to eliminate the pitting and then trying to lap them in with valve grinding compound. When you lap the valves, the grinding compound will leave a dull ring where the valve and seat are touching. In the picture... [Read More...]