19 Feet and 9000 lb Bike

Yep, it really is that big. Some Germans with a sense of humor took a Soviet tank engine and built a bike around it. Just don’t drop it. Autoblog has the story… The engine comes from a Soviet T-55 tank (though the article incorrectly says the T-55 was a Panzer — go here for a Google translation of the original article), which was a diesel V12 with 620 HP. Note the CCCP and crest at the front of the sidecar, which adorns the front... [Read More...]

New Safety Initiatives by the Federal Governmant

Led by Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters, the DOT is proposing a new program to help reduce motorcycle crashes, injuries and fatalities. Peters is a rider herself, and knows what is at stake. So it is encouraging that these new initiatives are being filtered by someone who rides and not a bureaucrat who would rather just ban bike altogether. From the AMA- Evaluating the results of the first comprehensive study into the causes of motorcycle... [Read More...]

Updated NationalSuperBike.com

Lots of new pictures on the updated site. The old site had been around since 1998 so it was time to do a little renovation.  Read More →