New Kawasaki Line-up

09 Kawasaki ER650 Kawasaki has announced their new 09 line-up and there is at least one really good bit of news. The ER-6n, which is basically a naked version of the 2 cylinder in-line 650 Ninja is coming to the US. Since Suzuki now has a fully faired version of the SV650, I guess Kawasaki decided they needed a naked version of the EX650 to compete against both models. The only complaint I have with the styling is the over-done radiator shrouds. The... [Read More...]

New Absolute Motorcycle Land Speed Record – 360.913 MPH

Press Release- Top 1 Oil “Ack Attack” Sets New Absolute Motorcycle Land Speed Record – 360.913 MPH On September 26, 2008, after five days of pushing their streamliner motorcycle to new limits on the salt flats of Bonneville, the Top 1 Ack Attack team achieved what it came to do – topple the existing absolute FIM motorcycle land speed record with a blistering 360.913 mph run. At 8:58 MST, team owner Mike Akatiff, driver Rocky... [Read More...]

New Superbike Series in the US

WOW… this is cool. Finally the manufacturers strike back and tell the AMA to take their rules and shove it… Thanks Jerry! This just in from the MIC: Motorcycle Industry Council To Launch The USSB Championship Factory Riders Offered a New National Series IRVINE, Calif., Sep. 10, 2008 – The Motorcycle Industry Council, the national trade association representing top motorcycle manufacturers and 300-plus other members, will launch a... [Read More...]

New Aprilia SportCity Scooter

As gas prices keep rising, people are looking for alternative means for commuting and getting around town. Scooters have been popular in Europe and Asia for many years and they are just now starting to really catch on in the US. With the new reality of energy prices, people are looking for transportation that is cheap, fun and stylish. So companies like Aprilia are in an excellent position to capitalize on this market with products like their new... [Read More...]

Anniversary Victory Edition Sells Out

Victory is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary and created a special edition of the Vision touring bike for the event. While the styling is not for everyone, it is apparently liked by at least 100 people who reserved the special ed. bikes in 7 minutes. At 29,000.00 it is not cheap. In fact it is downright expensive. But bikes like these tend to be bought up by people of um “means”. So don’t be surprised if you see one in Leno’s... [Read More...]