2004 Yamaha FZ1- Orange!!

All cleared and buffed. Looks awesome- cameras are really bad at showing metallic and pearls but you can get an idea form the pictures how pretty it is. The pearl changes shades and colors depending on how the light hits it. I should get some finished shots after the owner assembles it and we put the badges and logos on. 2004 Yamaha FZ1 in Lamborghini Orange Pearl Tank close-up  Read More →

2004 Yamaha FZ1 color change- Orange- Part 2

Today was the orange day… the base color is a Lamborghini orange and then I custom mixed a pearl to go on top. The pictures are not very accurate due to the florescent lights- the color is more orange than it looks in these pictures but not as dark as Harley orange. Clear coat tomorrow. Tail in orange pearl Fender in orange pearl Orange pearl in the gun  Read More →

2004 Yamaha FZ1 color change- Orange

This bike has an interesting history. The current owner bought it a few months ago with only 250 miles on it. It was a “barn find” but had some cosmetic damage- dented tank and scratched fairings. Since it needed to be painted, they decided to paint it orange. It should look great with the black frame and swingarm. Before shots and primed with white epoxy primer… 2004 Yamaha FZ1- Before FZ1 tank- repaired FZ1 bodywork- primed  Read More →