The Next Big Thing?

Not exactly a motorcycle, but still classified as one by the government- what is it? Well, a 3 wheeled vehicle. This classification is important since it allows the manufacturers a lot of latitude with all the federal safety and emission regulations. Since most of these are very green, emissions are not a problem. But safety is still a big concern. Even still, some of the innovative stuff coming out of what is really silicon valley money and minds... [Read More...]

Ducati 848 coming soon

We hope! MCN got to ride it is Spain and apparently really like it. I wonder why I don’t get invited to go to Spain to ride the latest Ducatis… Motorcycle News Senior road tester Michael Neeves has just finished his first session riding Ducati’s new 848 at the Almeria circuit in Spain. As expected, the Ducati 848 has an incredible appetite for corners. Which is just as well, because Almeria is littered with hundreds of them. “The... [Read More...]