Yamaha FZ6 Daytona Special – Finished

FZ6 Side View FZ6 Tail View FZ6 Front View Well, I got the FZ6 put back together today, and except for some wet sanding and buffing, it is done. The pictures look good, but like most bikes, it looks better in person. As you can see from the last post, it was wrecked and needed the whole front fairing assembly. But I have to say, that the bike really looks better as a naked bike than with the 1/4 fairing. All in all, it was not that hard to convert.... [Read More...]

Yamaha FZ6 Daytona Special

Wrecked FZ6 Daytona Special Colors Yep, you read that correctly. But it isn’t a new factory model, it is a 2005 FZ6 that was wrecked and I am repairing. It will be missing the quarter fairing and headlight assembly in favor of a naked single round 7in headlight. The “Daytona Special” designation comes from the custom paint. My friend Jerry and I were discussing how to paint this bike so that it has that cool 70’s retro look... [Read More...]

SV650 update

Here is a quick picture of the SV with the tank on it. I should get it put back together this weekend and have some more pictures on Monday.  Read More →

Suzuki SV650 Flat track Replica

Well, we all know that there has never been a SV650 Flat track bike, but I love the colors of the old Harley XR’s (and the new ones!) so I decide to paint a 05 SV in those colors. Looks very cool so far. More pictures to come as I get it assembled. This picture is of the bodywork in just after being clear coated with the stripes…  Read More →

Daytona Vintage Auction

One of my friends had his GPz550 entered in the Daytona Vintage Auction last weekend. His bike was at the tail end of the auction, so he got to sit through the whole thing and watch what the bikes were selling for- or not selling for. One thing he noticed was that most of the bikes had reserves on them and that the reserves were high enough that the bike didn’t sell. One thing that tells you is that people think their bikes are worth more than... [Read More...]

Daytona Bike Week

Well, it is Bike Week in Daytona and I’m sure that the festivities are well under way. We probably won’t get down there until the end of the week- if all goes well. I do wonder if the economy will have a large effect on how many people go this year. In past years, it had gotten to the point where a lot of the fun was gone because of the overcrowding and the demise of the real Daytona 200 race. At any rate, the 200 this year will be under... [Read More...]