Consumer Reports Gas Price/mileage Survey

Consumer Reports did an survey to see what people are doing or plan to do in light of 4-5.00/gal gasoline and all of the things on the list are predictable except one. Here’s the list- SURVEY HIGHLIGHTS 79 percent of car shoppers intend to buy a vehicle with better fuel economy. 80 percent of car shoppers are considering a diesel, flex-fuel, or hybrid vehicle. 54 percent would pay more for a more fuel-efficient vehicle. 74 percent are... [Read More...]

Home Built Electric Bike

Check this out- this guy gutted an old motorcycle and installed some car batteries and an electric motor. Don’t have too many details, but he says it will go 50mph and last about 20 miles between charges. Cost equivalent of about 300 mpg. He only uses it for quick trips around town- bank, post office, etc where it is most effecient. No doubt, a company like Honda or any of the big 4 could really do something cool with this. Completely green... [Read More...]

Would You Ride One of These?

How bad would gas prices have to get before you would be caught on one of these? Autoblog Green has the details, but the pedal/electric bike made by erocit is capable of 50mph and when you pedal you recharge the battery (a little). In addition, you can always get home even if the batteries are dead! Still, if you lived in a downtown area and needed a scooter type bike, it might be viable. It’s just so ugly. Maybe the aftermarket can come up... [Read More...]

Check Out Rossi’s New Helmet

He has a reputation for being somewhat wild and his new helmet upholds that rep. Very funny! It is actually hard to miss on the track [youtube]Prx8ppLIxQ0[/youtube]  Read More →

Nicky Hayden at Indy

A quick little video over at the MotoGP site with Nicky doing a lap at the Indy 500 as a promo for the motoGP series. Thanks Jerry…  Read More →