Motorcycle Suspension Settings

If you have ever gotten a new bike and wondered where to begin with all the suspension setting, Sport Rider has an excellent guide/database with all the recommended settings for most of the current and older bikes. This is a huge list that is organized by brand/model/year. You will probably end up tweaking your settings due to weight and riding style, but it really helps to have a decent starting point.  Read More →

Riding in the sky

Landing.wmv Well, in the ongoing saga of my learning to fly an ultralight “trike”, here is a short video of the last landing of the afternoon on Sunday in Rome, Ga. It was a perfect 70deg day with no wind. Pure fun. I was attracted to trikes because they appeal to me on several levels. One is obviously the similarity with a bike (except you are flying) – the freedom and openness is amazing. Don’t start unless you are ready... [Read More...]

Very Cool Bike Art

Well, you have to see this to believe it- WebBikeWorld has a great article up about an artist who does unique sculptures. In this case, he takes old bikes and transforms them into WWI replica fighter planes. Sounds crazy, but it is a very cool thing if you are into bikes and aviation. The amount of work and detail that goes into one of these is amazing. Here is a little of his story- As an artist I express in sculptural form my fascination with flight. ... [Read More...]

2007 Ducati 1098 Static

Motorcyclist has the Press Release from Ducati with a few pictures and the new Superbike replacement looks to be killer. The styling is more in line with the beautiful 916/998 bikes and will undoubtedly be more popular than the current 999. The new starting price of 14,995.00 USD will certainly help sales too. Here is some more info- This incredible new machine produces 160hp and 90.4lbs/ft of torque, which results in making the 1098 the most powerful... [Read More...]

Classic 1986 VFR750

Check out the article on one of the winningest bikes in AMA Superbike history. I had a street version of this bike, and it was a great bike. In fact, the VFR’s might be the most liked bikes ever if you’ve read all the magazines “10 Best” articles over the years. I have never warmed to the new V-TEC engine, but the earlier VFR’s are still some of the best all around street bikes ever. Here is a picture of a 97 VFR that... [Read More...]

Win a MV Agusta F4-1000

Head over to the AMA site and check out their 07 member sweepstakes. How would one of these look in your garage! Heck, I would put it in my living room.   Just take a look at that MV Agusta F4-1000 above. It’s a $22,995 rolling sculpture that some consider the most beautiful motorcycle of all time. How would you like to own one? This one will be yours, free, if you win the 2007 AMA Member Sweepstakes.  Read More →

Learn to Wheelie

One of my jobs is repairing and restoring bikes and one of the things I’ve noticed in the past couple of years is that most of the late model sportbikes I fix are “wheelies gone bad”. So check out this video if you haven’t already seen it. Keep it safe and off the public roads. 6656191590638402466  Read More →

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Auction

Head on over and bid on some cool stuff- the proceeds go to help fund the museum. There’s a good chance you might find that gotta have item that you won’t get anywhere else- like an MV Agusta T-shirt signed by Agostini. Lots of other cool stuff and it is for a great cause. The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum 2006 online auction is now open.  The auction will run from October 31, 2006, to December 8, 2006, with proceeds going to the... [Read More...]

New Riders

If you are new to riding or know someone who wants to start, the AMA has a good article about where to begin and some basic info everyone needs to know or “re-know”. I made that word up, but you get the picture. Lots of good links and resources. People come to motorcycling in a lot of different ways. There’s the guy who suddenly realizes that all his friends are going on a weekend motorcycle trip and he’s the one missing out... [Read More...]

Ducati Racing for Cell Phones

I saw this posted up over at WebBikeWorld and thought you Ducati fans would like a link. You can check and see if your phone and carrier offer the game and look at some screenshots/trailers. It actually looks really good if you want a racing game on your phone. The newer and better your phone, the higher the quality of the video in the game. My older Motorola V710 will play the game, but only in 2D. Newer phone have 3D capability. Click here for the... [Read More...]

Jet /Car/Bike

Well, this is the kind of stuff that people love to argue about but really means nothing. Still, it is great fun to watch. Autoblog had this linked up and it apparently took place over in Serbia. Proof that all three would be lots of fun. R0nWAmKAbHY&eurl  Read More →

Jeff Ward wins another Championship

From Motocross, to Indy cars and now Supermoto, 45 year old Jeff Ward is still winning big. It is crazy to think that a 45 year old guy can beat all the younger guys that are in their prime, but he just keeps on winning. the AMA racing site has a good article about the Supermoto championship and Ward that is worth reading. Maybe it will inspire you to get out and get going again! It inspired me for sure. Having already locked up the 2006 AMA Supermoto... [Read More...]

New Ducati?

If you are like me and never really warmed up to the 999, there may be cause to rejoice. Cycle World has some pics and a video of what looks to be the 999 replacement during testing. It is all duct taped up, but you can see that they went back to the headlight style that the 916 made famous. Proof that you can’t hide from the extended and highly informed family of Cycle World readers, a heavily camo’ed V-Twin was spotted last week at... [Read More...]

New Sportster?

Well this picture has been making the rounds, and we can only hope that Harley puts it into production. What a sweet looking bike. This is the bike that a lot of people have been waiting for- a cross between a Harley and a Buell. No doubt, Buell is responsible for a lot of the “sporting” features like the inverted Showa forks and the Nissin brakes. The engine tweaks also look like they come courtesy of Buell. So let’s hope- It would... [Read More...]

Motorcycle Safety

The new US Transportation Secretary has targeted motorcycle saftey as an area of concern. A motorcyclist herself, Mary Peters has put motorcycle safety on the to-do list for the Dept of Transportation. U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters put the national spotlight on motorcycling safety recently when she visited the Harley-Davidson Motor Company in Milwaukee, talking about safety programs. Those programs are supported by the AMA. Peters, a longtime... [Read More...]


 Photo: Motorcycle Daily Scooters can be blast to ride, but no one (at least sportbike types) wants to be seen on one- just not cool enough. But in terms of practicality and economy, they are a great alternative to a full on street bike. Plus, they are really comfortable to ride and have great visibility. With that in mind, check out Motorcycle Daily’s review of the new 07 Suzuki Burgman 400. All in all a very competent machine with a ton... [Read More...]