Yamaha FZ1 Retro Project Part 5 of 5

Well, all that is left is to do the final assembly. After letting the clear dry for a couple of days, we can reassemble the bike. One thing I noticed on the FZ1 is how heavy and complex the tail section is. It has to weigh 20 lbs all by itself. I do wonder what could be done on an FZ1 in terms of weight reduction- maybe an R1 tail and an aftermarket exhaust… that would save 30 lbs with just those mods. Could be a new project:) Reassemble- tank... [Read More...]

Ducati World Superbike Live Pits via Webcam

Very cool… From Ducati During the upcoming World Superbike weekend, to be held at the Italian circuit of Imola from 25th to 27th of September, the Ducati Xerox Team, in collaboration with Ducati.com, will allow fans from around the world the chance to see right to the heart of the action, by providing live streaming direct from Noriyuki Haga’s garage on both Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of September. …A web-cam, positioned... [Read More...]

Yamaha FZ1 Retro Project Part 4 of 5

After installing the graphics, we need to clear coat everything. Clearing in the graphics gives the bike an almost unbelievably richer, more finished look. Since the graphics are actually printed on the vinyl, after clearing, it looks like it was painted. Much nicer than even factory style decals. Clearcoated Clearcoated Tank  Read More →

Yamaha FZ1 Retro Project Part 3 of 5

In today’s installment of the FZ1 project, we install the graphics on top of the yellow base coat. After I did the templates for the the graphics I wanted, I scanned them and sent them to Tapeworks for printing and production. Very nice stuff. The black is printed on the white vinyl with an inkjet style printer. The beauty of this is that the graphics look painted on instead of stuck on.The tail pieces that are shown were the hardest to install... [Read More...]

A Little Stunt Riding on Top of the BMW Headquarters Building

BMW’s stunt rider, Christian Pfeiffer, takes his show up the elevator to the top of BMW’s tower and performs for the cameras. He is amazing… Enjoy. Oh, yeah, don’t try this where you work.  Read More →

Yamaha FZ1 Retro Project Part 2 of 5

Here is part 2 of the transformation of a stock FZ1 into something totally cool and custom… In this installment, we disassemble the bike and sand/clean every part. By clean, I mean surgically clean. Then we prime everything with PPG white epoxy primer. White is pretty much a requirement for a light color like the yellow we are going to use if we want good color coverage without having to spray too many coats. Then, we apply the base coat- in... [Read More...]

Yamaha FZ1 Retro Project Part 1 of 5

I did an FZ6 in this scheme a few months back and decide to do this FZ1 in the same scheme since it was dinged and scratched. At any rate, here is step 1- laying out the templates. Check back tomorrow for updates. FZ1 Templates  Read More →

1924 Harley 1200 cc, 50HP board racer

Very cool… I saw this over at Hemmings Auto blog and thought all you bike nuts would like to see it. By collector car standards, bikes are amazingly cheap. I doubt it will stay that way since people are really into collecting just about anything- and bikes have got to be one of the coolest things to collect. Pictures from Hemmings… We don’t want to miss this equally important piece that it sold, however: A beautifully restored 1924 Harley-Davidson... [Read More...]