This Old Bike – YZF600

Sport Rider has a new project bike that they are “updating” to give it a few more years of life. As much as we all love new bikes, the reality is that most people are going to have to make do with something older and used. Sometimes really used! Even older sportbikes are still quite competent for street riding, so this article gives you a good idea of what to work on. Since I restore a lot of older Sportbikes, I enjoy these articles-... [Read More...]

New Ducati 1098 colors

Ducati has announced some new color schemes for the 1098. The black/red frame is particularly good looking. In addition to classic Ducati red, the 1098 will also be available in two other colors—yellow and black, depending on the model. The vibrant yellow scheme, available on the standard 1098, is matched with black wheels and a grey frame. The striking black color, available on the 1098 S, is paired with a red frame and red-trimmed black wheels.... [Read More...]

120mph Scooter

I suppose you can sort of call it a scooter, but with a 75hp V-twin and a 120mph top end, the Gilera GP 800 might define it’s own class- SuperScooter. Suzuki started the big scooter wars with it’s Burgman, and since then the manufacturers have taken off the gloves for a scooter street brawl. I can understand a speed war for Superbike status, but this is pretty silly. Still, if you have the need to have the best and fastest everything-... [Read More...]

New KTM Superbike

Bikes in the Fast Lane linked the new KTM RC8 teaser page as well as some other good stuff. The new KTM looks to be of the angular/Stealth Fighter shape that Ducati stepped away from with their new 1098. Still, it will be best to withhold judgement until the final product is available to look at. Styling preferences aside, it looks to be well thought out and engineered as you would expect from KTM. Check out the KTM RC8 page here for some more details.  Read More →

Goldwing “Towtruck”

From the “that seems highly unlikely” category, Autoblog has a post up on the Chinese using highly modified Goldwings as tow vehicles. Since most cities in China have massive traffic problems, this was the solution they came up with to get a “towtruck” past the gridlock to the car causing the gridlock. Pretty amazing. Here is the link to the manufacturer in Sweden. We need these in Atlanta.  Read More →

Vintage Days set for July 27-29, 2007

The AMA has set the dates for the popular Vintage Motorcycle Days event at Mid-Ohio. As the average age of motorcyclists increases, so does interest in vintage motorcycles. For a lot of us, it is just the fun of remembering our first bikes, and for some it is the fun of seeing something “old” for the first time. If you’re one of the tens of thousands of people who come to VMD year after year, you know what we’re talking about.... [Read More...]

New Ducati Monster 695

With the recent announcement of the 1098 on the front page of everything motorcycle, you might have missed the launch of the new 695 Monster. Improved in every way, it looks to be a great sport/commuter in the SV650 vein but with the Ducati name and personality. Nice colors, too. Strip off the stock mirrors and add some bar-end mirrors and you have a really good looking bike. I’ve painted a bunch of Monsters that you can see at Sport... [Read More...]

V-Max concept

Speed has an article up about the new V-Max concept bike that Yamaha showed at the Long Beach bike show. Styling is in keeping with the original and it keeps the classic power cruiser look it pioneered. 1/4 mile times are rumored to be in the 9’s with a longer swingarm and revised suspension. This should keep the V-Max faithful happy.  Read More →

Another day of riding in the sky

Movie_0001.wmv Here is a short video that my friend Wayne did from some footage he shot of me doing touch and go’s. I shrunk it down so it will stream OK so the quality is not great, but you will get the idea. Check out the awesome sunset in the Tennesee mountains.    Read More →

New Ducati 1098 Pictures

If you want some nice 1098 wallpaper pictures for your computer, Sport Rider has some courtesy of Ducati. I am so glad that the 999 is gone and Ducati once again has a beautiful bike for their flagship.  Read More →

20007 Honda CBR600RR

The AMA has a good review up on the new CBR, and they like it- a lot. The bike was introduced recently over at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL which might be one of the best places on the planet to ride a sportbike. I’m leaned way over on Barber Motorsports Park’s ultra-fun turn 3 in Alabama, my knee skimming the slightly banked pavement as I push Honda’s 2007 CBR600RR toward the outside of the track with the throttle.... [Read More...]

The Eagle Has Landed

Well, we (my friend Wayne, and I) picked up the ultralight Monday and got back to Atl that night. 14hrs of driving plus the time it took to load it up made for a long day. I took it to the hangar today and we set it up, but didn’t fly due to high winds. Hopefully, Sunday will be the day. We flew it on the trailer, though;)    Read More →

AMA Superbike Photo Gallery

I’ve been trying to get this post up for a couple of days, and for some reason, the server was down and nobody seemed to know why. So I apologize if you couldn’t get to the site. Anyways, if you like pictures of motorcycles- race bikes in particular, you will really like this link where you will find photos from each of the Superbike rounds that you can look at and download. This is a great way to make a screensaver of your favorite team/rider.... [Read More...]

Dirtbike in the sky

I’m off to pick up my Ultralight “trike” up in North Carolina. Pictures and details when I get back!  Read More →

Superbike Photo Gallery

If you like pictures, and who doesn’t- head on over to the AMA Superbike Photo Gallery for high quality photos from each of the Championship rounds. Lots of good stuff for a very cool screensaver. If you need a good screensaver slideshow program, I recommend gPhotoShow. I use the freeware edition and it works great.  Read More →