Harley sales and profits down

Well, at least for the first quarter. They will no doubt rebound from the February strike in the second quarter as they make up for the lost production. Topix has the story- Sagging U.S. sales and a three-week strike at Harley-Davidson Inc.’s largest production plant caused the motorcycle maker’s profit to drop 18 percent in the first quarter. The iconic motorcycle maker announced Thursday net income for the quarter ended April 1 totaled... [Read More...]

Quick Interview With Nicky Hayden

Cycle World has a short interview with Nicky about the rest of the GP season. he seems pretty upbeat considering the problems he has had so far- “Definitely hasn’t been the best start to the season (referring to an eighth-place finish in round one at Qatar). I feel bad for my team and my family who stand behind me, and my friends and fans who root for me. But the truth is I’ve been down before with circumstances looking grim and came... [Read More...]

Collecting Motorcycles

The AMA has another good article posted with tips for being a smart motorcycle collector. Some of these are common sense, but it is really good to go into it with as much info and advice as possible. One thing I have always believed is that it is  cheaper to buy a restored bike/car or even airplane than it is to restore it yourself. So if you want to restore a collectible bike, do it for the enjoyment of it because you will almost always be able... [Read More...]

New BMW G Series

The AMA has an article on the new G series bikes from BMW. All the specs are there and riding impressions. With 3 models that range from dirt to street, it should satisfy any of the thumper crowd. As usual with BMW, there is a price for admission… On the dirt-to-asphalt spectrum, the G Series starts with the G 650 Xchallenge, which is still street-legal, but is the most off-road-capable with additional suspension travel and a 21-inch front... [Read More...]