8th Annual Barber Vintage Festival coming up Oct 12-14th

Don’t’ miss this years Vintage Festival at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, AL if you are anywhere close enough to come. This is an awesome yearly event with shows, exhibits, racing and  great cool fall weather. The swap meet alone is worth the trip and can suck up hours of time unless you are careful! If you love the old stuff and want to relive some of the past, this is a must-do event! Here a few pictures from last year- Vintage... [Read More...]

Painting some Kawasaki ZX6, ZX10 wheels

Actually, I’m not sure what bike these are off of… originally grey and the owner wants them green and black to match his new bodywork. So, I am obliging him. lips are painted black and then the edge taped off for the green clear coated…  Read More →

40 year old cedar strip canoe in the shop

I’m not currently working on any bikes but I am working on a 40 year old cedar strip canoe that has been in the family forever. It was made by Sundance Canoes in Gravenhurst, ON which is no longer in business. I found this history on the web for anyone interested. My mom gave it to my dad for their anniversary and it has lived its whole life at our cottage in Canada. So, all in all, it is in remarkably good condition. There was a little rot... [Read More...]