New Bike- Suzuki SV650

05 Suzuki SV650N Well, not brand new- but maybe better than new since it has a ton of very nice accessories on it and only 2400 miles. I picked it up at the auction last week becasue I really like SV’s and this one is immaculate. Some of the nice extras include Gel seat, rear hugger, radiator cowls, rear seat cowl, and very nice custom stainless steel cafe style handlebars. So I have had a couple of my favorite bikes to ride recently- the ZZR600... [Read More...]

Can Am Project- Part 4

After lots of hand sanding and cleaning, we are ready to prime the parts. I always use an epoxy primer to seal the surface. This works equally well on metal (like the aluminum tank) and fiberglass/plastic. If needed, you can do some light sanding or scuffing with a scotch-brite pad after it has dried.  Read More →

Can Am Project- Part 3

Front Fairing Front Fairing Filler Front fender repair Next we need to do a little body work and filling. The front nose cone fairing used to have a removable number plate panel that could come off to uncover the headlight if it was installed. Since the bike will never be on the street, we decided to use a fiberglass plate to fill the hole. After it was bonded in, I had a fair amount of filling to do to get the contours right. Several light coats... [Read More...]

Can Am Project- Part 2

This bike was never used as a dirt bike- it was converted into a cafe racer from day one. So the bodywork reflects that. It is also old and had what seemed like dozens of layers of paint on it that had to be sanded off. Sanding stuff like this is time consuming and tedious but necessary if you want the final result to be show quality. So I sanded all of the fiberglass down to the original gel coat and prepped it for primer- Can Am tail Sanding the... [Read More...]

1975 Can Am 250 Project

Custom made aluminum tank Just a quick post so you can see the custom made aluminum gas tank. A few days ago, I posted the picture of the old fiberglass tank that was really beyond repair. This new tank is a beautiful reproduction and matches the shape of the old tank nicely. We found the decals at reproduction decals so they should fit perfectly. There is lots of sanding and detail filling to do on the ancient fiberglass bodywork- more on that tomorrow.  Read More →

Rossi to move to Ducati for 2011

This is not exactly unexpected but it is still good news for the Ducati faithful. What a great season 2011 will be with Rossi and Nicky riding Ducati. I expect that there is rejoicing in the streets all over Italy today! Here is the press release from Rossi’s website- “It is very difficult to explain in just a few words what my relationship with Yamaha has been in these past seven years. Many things have changed since that far-off time... [Read More...]

Vintage Can Am Project

Old Fiberglass Tank Well, the guy I painted the Yamaha RZ500 for was happy enough that he brought me his Vintage 70’s Can Am 250 to work on. He has owned it since new and it has seen many race tracks in its day. Now, we are going to restore it so he can take it to vintage races and shows. Once again, the gas tank was beyond repair and so a new hand made aluminum tank was fabricated. Stay tuned for updates as we progress…  Read More →