Can BMW be competitive in World Superbike?

It looks like the answer might be yes- but a qualified yes. Corser is in the hunt, but still a long way off from the Ducatis which are qualified 1&2 presently. From BMW- BMW MOTORRAD MOTORSPORT – SUPERBIKE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – PHILLIP ISLAND, AUSTRALIA – QUALIFYING 02/27/2009 Lap times close on day one. Munich. BMW Motorrad Motorsport riders Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus ended the first day of qualifying at Phillip Island with the... [Read More...]

Troy Corser Hits a Bird at 230 kmh on His New BMW S1000RR

The quick conversion is 143 mph… I remember hitting a giant dragonfly on my bike at about 100 mph one time and I thought I had been shot. It really is a miracle that he didn’t crash. The progress continues as the first race gets closer. Munich. BMW Motorrad Motorsport’s World Superbike team successfully completed their two day test at Phillip Island and are now looking forward to the first race of the year, which will take place... [Read More...]

Repos and the Powesports Auction

I went to the National Powersports Auction in Atlanta on Friday and they were auctioning off almost 2000 bikes. It was crazy. If you don’t have a game plan in place, you will be overwhelmed since they are running 4 lanes at a time- Sportbikes, Cruisers, ATV’s and Harleys. Tons and tons of Harleys since Harley is well know for their liberal financing policies- thus all the repos. Lots of bike with less than 1000 miles. There doesn’t... [Read More...]

BMW World Superbike Team

Here is today’s press release from BMW concerning their new World Superbike team. If the bike is competitive they have a couple of riders who can get on to podium. Any time there is new competition from a major player like BMW, it is a good thing for the sport. Lets hope they can really add to the competition. The street version should be a great looking bike from what we see here. From BMW- BMW Motorrad’s new challenge. BMW S 1000 RR... [Read More...]

Aprilia Demo Rides at Daytona

Here is a new twist to the standard free Demo rides that practically all the manufacturers offer at the various motorcycle events like Daytona, Barber, etc. – a premium demo ride that you actually pay a small $20.00 fee (relatively speaking) for. This might just work since it will keep the hordes of people who are not really interested (or can’t afford) an Aprilia from snatching up all the demo ride spots just to ride something they will... [Read More...]

Ducati’s “Island Showdown”

Ducati’s contests are always cool because they give the regular, average owner a chance to show what they have done at a variety of venues. The first “Showdown” this year is at Daytona, so if you are taking you Duc down for bike week, consider leaving it at the Island and you might come back to find a tag saying it was chosen for the Showdown. The Monster Challenge a few years ago was great and brought out a ton of cool machines,... [Read More...]

Suzuki Recalls 05-06 GSX-R1000 For Possible Frame Problems

This actually happened last month, but it is worth posting for those who might not have heard about it. The possibility exists that the frame could crack below and behind the steering head on a bike that has been stunted or crashed. I find it hard to believe that Suzuki would warranty a frame under those conditions, but I’m impressed that they would. They also will install a brace on bikes that are not yet cracked according to some accounts.... [Read More...]

Consumer Reports Starts Testing Scooters and Motorcycles

Years ago- back in the 70’s, Consumer reports tested motorcycles for their readers. As bike sales fell in the 80’s, they quit. Well, when bike sales soared this past summer due to 4.00/gal gas, they got back in the motorcycle testing business. But the question is “can we learn anything new from them?” As it turns out, not to much. Since they haven’t tested any bikes in recent years, the one reason to read their reviews... [Read More...]

Breakfast With the Stars at Daytona

This event happens every year, but it is worth mentioning for those of you who will be in Daytona for Bike Week. This year they are shining the spotlight on 2 flat track legends- Parker and Springsteen. All of the proceeds go to the AMA Motorcycle Museum in Ohio. Plus, compared to a political fund raiser, it will be way more fun and way cheaper at only $49.00. PICKERINGTON, OHIO – Racing legends Scott Parker and Jay Springsteen will be the... [Read More...]