New BMW Motorrad Design Chief

Press release from BMW… 30.01.2012 14:00 Top-Topic New Head of Design for BMW Motorrad. Edgar Heinrich takes over the BMW Group’s BMW Motorrad Design Studio. Munich. Edgar Heinrich (53) will be taking over the BMW Group’s BMW Motorrad Design Studio as of July 1st 2012. He succeeds David Robb. After completing his university degree in design, Edgar Heinrich started his career as a motorcycle designer with BMW back in 1986. Within... [Read More...]

08 CBR600RR Pearl Fire Orange

Here is a final picture with the HONDA logos on the lowers. These are in flat black like the rear number plates and look great. 08 Orange CBR600RR  Read More →

CBR600RR Pearl Fire Orange finished

Well, as you can see, the CBR is all back together and today I did the final buffing and applied the logos and rear number plates. The color match is just about spot on and is easily as good as factory panels. The bike looks great and the flat black on the orange is perfect. We still need to put the HONDA’s on the lower belly but that will have to wait until the lowers are off the bike. If you need logos or number plates, [Read More...]

Painting a CBR600RR Pearl Fire Orange

painted mid panel on original tank I just finished painting all of the panels- except the tank cover- on an 08 CBR600RR Pearl Fire Orange. This is an almost impossible color to match since it is a tri-coat with a base, mid and clear. Since I had no idea where to start, we decided to go ahead and spend the big money on ColorRite’s paint. The results are pretty good. The shade and brightness of the orange is very good, but the size and clarity... [Read More...]