1973 Kawasaki S1 update 3

Moving along with the S1, we are getting all the little stuff blasted and repainted. There are just a ton of small parts that have to be refinished on a project like this and it is pretty time consuming since it is detail work. Like the handlebar switches, bar risers, air cleaner, fuel petcock, side stand, etc.

The speedometer is in nice shape but the tach is beyond repair and I’ll have to find a decent replacement.

The tank is also bead blasted and getting ready for paint. Right now it is sitting in the sink full of vinegar (acetic acid) which dissolves and eats away all the crud and rust inside. Hopefully, we will get some paint on the frame and tank this week. The exhaust is also sandblasted and ready for paint. Perhaps high-heat wrinkle paint- but I’m still undecided on that.

WP_20160125_001 WP_20160105_007 WP_20160125_002 WP_20160123_003 WP_20160128_002 WP_20160126_005 WP_20160125_003


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