Suzuki SV1000 and SV650 high handlebar prototype

SV650’s and SV1000’s are pretty much legendary for their great engines and nice handling. But, the S models are also well known to be a bit cramped for long rides. The 650 was available as a naked bike for most of it’s production run but there were no S models with the standard high handlebars so you were always trading something away. The 1000’s were only available as a naked/high handlebar model in 2003. So you have to be... [Read More...]

V65 Magna Poject- Part 8

Well, here is the finished product… the owner installed the body work and obviously did a lot of other things while the bike was apart- like recover the seat, paint the fork legs, etc. The dark “shades of gray” looks good on this bike. He also has some black GIVI hard bags that will be installed but we wanted a nice before/after comparison. V65 Magna before/after V65 Magna with flames  Read More →

Great Video

This is a great video that might just inspire someone to do (or redo) something fun and great in their life.  Read More →

V65 Magna Project- Part 7

Well, the clear coat is on and it looks great. The dark gray/orange contrast really comes out with the clear and the metallic in the gray jumps out as well. It will probably be a few days until the parts are back on the bike, but as soon as they are, I’ll get some pictures posted up… tank- cleared front fender tank and tail  Read More →

V65 Magna Project- Part 6

Today we are going to put the flames on. I ordered a kit from with a bunch of generic flames in various sizes so we could get creative with where we put them. Flames are not really too easy to install since there are lots of little “fingers” that want to go where the contours of the part takes then- which is not necessarily where you want them to go! At any rate, it takes some patience and skill to get them on without ending... [Read More...]

V65 Magna Project- Part 5

So today we are putting the basecoat on… the colors are going to be Storm Silver with Orange flames. Tomorrow, we are putting the flames on so check back for progress. Basically, we could have used the flames as masks and painted them on first before putting the silver on but in this case, we are going to apply them after the silver. With a gray primer like we used, it only takes a couple of coats to get good coverage and uniformity. I always... [Read More...]