1973 Yamaha DT 360

This was a fun small job that I did for the guy who bought my Triumph Street Triple R (which I now regret selling!). He is doing a cafe style semi-restoration on the 360 and so we needed to paint the bodywork. We picked a good classic/retro color scheme of dark teal and gold for the bike and started in on the tank which you can see from the pictures was in pretty rough shape. After media blasting, it was epoxy primed and the bodywork was done. There... [Read More...]

Hejira Update- 7

Well, the paint is all finished on the cafe style bodywork. It really looks great. I’m looking forward to seeing them on the bike. We still have a set of full race fairings to paint that will be used with the same tank and tail. So, they will also be red with some white and black logos. Pictures of those fairing- in progress- tomorrow.  Read More →