Some awesome vintage Ducati’s (and others!)

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Barber Vintage Festival- Oct 8-10

Vintage Bikes at Barber The annual Vintage Festival at Barber Motorsports park in Birmingham, AL is almost upon us. I go every year to see and report on some of the incredible vintage motorcycles and it really is an awesome event. Check out the official website for the event and make plans to be there. The track and grounds are beautiful and camping is available inside the gates. The weather is usually outstanding this time of year which just adds... [Read More...]

Can Am Project- Part 7

With the clear coat on, we let everything sit and cure for a couple of days before wet sanding and buffing. Some of the parts like the front fender were fine as is but the tank and tail needed to be buffed for that ultra smooth dipped in glass look. Here is a picture after wet sanding (it looks like flat paint at this point) and then after buffing with several grades of compound. The decals look especially good under the clear… almost like they... [Read More...]

Can Am Project- Part 6

Today we install the graphics and clear coat everything. These are big decals and hard to get on straight but if you take your time and use the wet application method, you can get them on straight with no bubbles. It is always fun to see what the parts look like after clear coating. This is going to be a very cool old cafe bike… Applying the decals Tank clear coated  Read More →

Can Am Project- Part 5

The next step in the Can Am project was spraying on the white base coat. We spent a fair amount of time getting the shade of white exactly how we wanted it. The white on these old bikes is really more of a cream. You really can’t tell unless you put it right up against a bright white shade (like what we used on the RZ500) but it makes a difference. So here it is with the base coat on. Next, we install the tank graphics… Base coat applied  Read More →