Jay Leno’s Can-Am Spyder

Check out the video of Jay riding his new Can-Am Spyder for the first time. He got serial # 1 because he is, well, Jay Leno! Very cool and it looks like a lot of fun. More info here at the Can-Am page. I’ll have to see if I can find a dealer here in Atlanta that has one and go check it out.  Read More →


As Moto GP gets fired up for the 08 season, the big question is if anyone can run with Stoner on the Ducati and Rossi on the Yamaha. The second big question is if Rossi can run with Stoner. Speed has a good article that lays out the facts from the test sessions and the Ducati looks awesome. I hope that there is enough talent (man and machine!) to keep the season interesting, but some people are predicting a Ducati rout. Grand Prix Zero takes place... [Read More...]

Tom Cruise Gets the First Desmosedici RR in the US

Yep, that’s right… Tom Cruise is first in line and will pick up his Desmosedici RR in Beverly Hills this week. I wonder who else is on the list? Jay Leno is a well known bike lover, so I would guess that he’s on the list to get one also. Edit- I mistakenly said that Cruise was getting a 1098R… It’s the much rarer and more desirable Desmosedici RR that he is getting. I’ll take either! (Thanks Sean!) BEVERLY HILLS,... [Read More...]