Suzuki T500 update

I’ve been working hard on the body panels for this T500 and we are slowly getting there. One common problem with old, old stuff like this is that there are usually lots of coats of old enamel paint on them. All you can do is try to get as much of it off as possible but there is always residue left that will crack or crinkle when you put any modern automotive paint on it. This is the problem I had even after priming with an epoxy primer to seal... [Read More...]

RZ500 Update- new wheels

The RZ500 in the slideshow at the top has a set of PM alloy wheels but they always looked a little strange since the real race bike had gold wheels. He used the PM wheels because they were the only ones he could find that would take a modern tire and still fit in the swingarm. Well, he found another set and sent them off to be powder coated in the original gold color and the results look great. The wheels are still different of course but getting... [Read More...]