RZ350 restoration finished…

Well, the big day came and I moved her from the shop to the garage- and then rode all afternoon! It runs great and it really a blast to ride. Here are a few pictures of the finished product but I am working on a page under the “Galleries” tab that will have the whole process. There are lots of little things that took a lot of time that were never posted which I will detail a bit more on the RZ350 page. RZ350 finished…  Read More →

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- first start!

Well, after fixing a small leak around the petcock, she started on the 3rd kick. Pretty sweet. Runs great and sounds awesome… I’ll finish the buffing tomorrow and get it all assembled for it’s first road test.  Read More →

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 15

We are moving along with the paint and after the pearl white, I painted the red. After the base red, I mixed a pearl top coat to give it the sparkle of the original color. On the factory bike, the red was painted on some panels like the tank and tail cap, and decals on other panels. It didn’t match all that well and the decals were not cleared over. So, all the red is painted and the blue are stripes that are cut to match exactly the original... [Read More...]

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 14

The bodywork is moving along and the epoxy primer, polar white base and diamond pearl is on the parts. The tank was in decent shape but had some dents, dings and lots of scratches that needed to be filled and of course, all the old decals had to come off. 28 yr old decals come off in tiny little pieces and take forever to remove… Stripping decals removing the glue… filling and sanding… white base and pearl…  Read More →

Yamaha RZ350 restoration- part 13

The mechanical stuff is about as far along as it can go without getting the bodywork done since I will need the gas tank (with gas!) pretty soon. The brakes are on and bled. All of the bodywork is done to the point of paint. The white epoxy primer is on and colors are next. Here are a couple of pictures of the bike as it is now- pipes are on and the aluminum canisters have been bead blasted and polished. Considering how old they are and the fact that... [Read More...]