2009 Honda Hoot Cancelled

Wow, things must really be tough at Honda. It shouldn’t surprise us with what is happening in the economy, but for some reason we tend to think of Honda as being above it all. But the reality is that not only are their auto sales down over 30%, but motorcycle/powersports sales are even more dismal. Honda has already pulled out of AMA Superbike racing, although they will still support a couple of private teams. Hopefully, they will reschedule... [Read More...]

Yet Another JD Power Motorcycle Survey

Here is another Motorcycle Survey done by JD Power assessing the satisfaction of new motorcycle buyers. The numbers are good and trend upward suggesting that the quality of the bikes and service is getting better each year. But there is one trend that is not good- the average age of buyers is going up each year and now stands at 47. This is a real problem if the industry can’t attract younger buyers. My theory on this is that the price of new... [Read More...]

New Ducati Streetfighter Pictures

Ducati Seattle has been nice enough to post 48 pictures of the new Streetfighter. Lots of detail shots and different angles. So if you aren’t likely to get a chance to see one in person anytime soon, this is the next best alternative. Happy viewing! This is motorcycle prOn, so don’t start looking unless you can control yourself!  Read More →

JD Power Motorcycle Buying Study

Here is some good info for those who are either buying or selling motorcycles. One area I can completely sympathize with the dealer in, is the test ride problem. It is not as simple as test driving a car since you have no idea of the buyers riding skills and often times, the buyer is wanting to test ride a bike that will have diminished value if it has miles on the odometer. So if he/she doesn’t buy it, the next person will want a discount because... [Read More...]

Buell 1125 for cheap

Well, Buell’s have never had very good resale, but up until recently, they actually did pretty well in the showroom. However, with the recent, umm, economic downturn, you can score a new 08 1125 for under $8000.00 in some locations. That is a smokin deal no matter how controversial the styling is. Fortunately, for 09 there will be a revised 1125 with a more streetfighterish look- with the fairing replaced by a small flyscreen over the headlight.... [Read More...]

Harley Museum Virtual Tour

For a quick virtual tour of the new Harley museum, click on the different areas for descriptions of what you will find there. They also have wallpapers, Facebook backgrounds, a webcam and other cool stuff. From the look of the webcam, nobody is riding in Milwaukee today! If you are ever in Milwaukee, this should be on your short list of sites to see. The other museum you really need to visit is the incredible Barber Muesum in Birmingham, AL. Good... [Read More...]