265 mph Honda CBR1000- awesome

Not much I can say about this except WOW. Click through to watch the video. Al Lamb’s 265MPH Bonneville Run – *AMA/ FIM Fastest Motorcycle In The World – Sit On (Average Record Speed 263mph) 2012 from COLORFULgrey Zach Settewongse on Vimeo.  Read More →

Barber Vintage Festival pictures

The 8th annual vintage festival concluded today and by all appearances, it was a great success. The weather was great all weekend and the crowds were huge. My only big complaint was that after paying for admission, you had to pay again to get into the Ace area- so we skipped it and they missed getting some free publicity. Oh well. It also appeared that the number of racing participants was way down from last year. Not sure if it is a recession related... [Read More...]