Most Beautiful Bike?

The AMA website is having a “Most beautiful bike of all time” soundoff on their site. A large number or extremely varied opinions are expressed. Fun to see what other people think. My vote goes to the Ducati 916/998. Beautiful, but a torture rack to ride for any distance. Funny how things in life are like that…  Read More →

Nicky Wins the Championship

Photo: Getty Images / Javier Soriano If you haven’t heard or seen yet, Nicky Hayden won the MotoGP Championship today with his 3rd place finish at Valencia. As it turns out, Rossi didn’t figure into it after he crashed on lap 5. The big surprise was the 1-2 finish of the Ducati’s which looked very strong. Congrats to Troy Bayliss! Speed has the details if you need more- American rider Nicky Hayden scored a deserving and emotional... [Read More...]

Great Videos

I saw this Dunlop site linked over at Autoblog and thought some of you guys would really like some of the videos. There are 2 Isle of Man TT videos that are good, and some of the car stuff is pretty entertaining too.  Read More →

Auction brings a record 36 million

Some of the world’s rarest and obviously most expensive motorcycles were auctioned off after the death of Otis Chandler. He had an amazing collection of antique and classic cars and bikes. Chandler, publisher of the Los Angeles Times from 1960-80, died earlier this year at age 78. A strapping “man’s man” with matinee-idol good looks, Chandler indulged in many passions, including surfing, big-game hunting and sports-car racing, but... [Read More...]

Motorcycle Sounds

Here is a short comedy clip that is worth watching. Pretty good, but he forgot Kawasaki and Ducati… 5018898527763902989&q  Read More →

Cool Scooter Riders

OK, this is just for fun. Bikes in the Fast Lane had this video up, and I had to post it. Very funny in a European sort of way. CI7nrjmvlmU  Read More →

Ladies Day- At the Track!

Femmoto arranges track days so that the ladies can also hone their riding skills in an obviously male dominated sport. I like the picture of the “umbrella guy”.   With so many women getting into motorcycling, I think we will see more of these kind of things. It is pretty obvious that the major players in the industry see a big new market developing from the sponsorship ads at the bottom of the page.  Read More →

Cool 3d engine animation

I saw this over at Autoblog and thought that it would be a good video for the bike world even though it is actually a 4 cyl car engine. Since the principles are exactly the same for a motorcycle engine, it is a great video that shows what is involved in even the simplest of engines. If you’ve ever wondered how an engine works, it is worth a look. MMKbRIlzmic&eurl  Read More →

Daytona 8 Hour results

Photo: MOTO-ST/Brian Cleary Endurance races are great for the sport, but they aren’t all that fun to watch- especially an 8 hour race. Maybe if you tune in at the end and can figure out where everyone is and what lap they are on it might be fun to watch the finish. But they do separate the men from the boys and really show who has the best hardware. So I guess it is significant that BMW won the inaugural event. BMW actually does a lot of racing... [Read More...]

New CBR600RR

From Honda’s Media Newsroom- The 2007 CBR600RR doesn’t merely extend the performance envelope in the class. It redefines what a middleweight sportbike should be: smaller, lighter, narrower, more powerful and amazingly agile compared to current class standards. Moreover, in keeping with a tradition Honda established with the introduction of the very first CBR600, the 2007 CBR600RR boasts features specifically aimed at enhancing the owner’s... [Read More...]

07 Victory Kingpin

The AMA site has a  article up that looks at the new Kingpin, but also shows some of the new stuff that Victory has in the works. They have apparently done a good job at staying focused on their market, and it is paying off with nice bikes and good sales figures. You can read the whole thing here– The 100-cubic-inch Freedom engine purrs beneath me, casually ticking along as I cruise with a conga line of traffic through the rolling hills in... [Read More...]

AMA Flat Track Champion

Kenny Coolbeth finally won the AMA Flat Track Championship after a 3 week weather delay. Sounds like a very happy guy- “This is just the greatest thing ever, first getting the Factory ride, now the Grand National Championship. I’ve wanted this, my whole life.” said Harley-Davidson Motor Company / Screamin’ Eagle’s Kenny Coolbeth. The twenty nine year old Coolbeth had just put in the longest twenty five laps of his career to capture both... [Read More...]

Nicky’s worst nightmare

Nicky Hayden is probably still pinching himself to see if he can wake up from the nightmare in Portugal. His teammate crashed him out of the race and left him 8 pts down to Rossi with one race left in the season. For Hayden to win the championship, he will have to win in Spain and count on Rossi finishing third. Crazy stuff but that is racing, as they say. Read all the details over at Speed.  Read More →

Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Annual Concours d’Elegance was held last weekend in Ohio and they had some great bikes there including the world record holding BUB streamliner which set the 2 wheel land speed record last month at 350mph. Check out some of great pictures and info on other vintage and classic bikes that were competing for the top honors. In the end, the judges picked a 1966 Triumph Thunderbird for the Best of Show Award.    Read More →

BMW announces their 07 Line-up

Press Release fron BMW- BMW Motorrad is making a proud appearance at the 2006 INTERMOT Motorcycle Show in Cologne, Germany, with the widest and most varied model range in the history of the Company. The all-new single-cylinder model series is making its world debut with a fascinating range of three brand-new motorcycles quite different in their features and character – the G 650 Xcountry, the G 650 Xchallenge, and the G 650 Xmoto. And at the... [Read More...]

Ducati Sport Classic 1000S

This bike should be in showrooms by November according to Ducati. If you are into classic cafe racer styling, the Sport Classic 1000 S should be right up your alley. It is a successor to the Paul Smart bike and has 2 up seating if you remove the seat cowl.  Read More →

Harley shows new 1200

In Europe, that is. Cycle News has the story, but basically Harley is prepping some Europe only models that take into account the different tastes and riding styles in Europe. This bike would actually appeal to a lot of American riders as well, I think.  Read More →

AMA safety video

The AMA has produced a Public Service Announcement to raise the awareness of car drivers to motorcyclists. The aim is to get drivers to be more aware of the bikes that are on the road with them. The more of these type of PSAs that they can get aired on TV, the safer we will be- hopefully. Between people talking on their phones, eating and even putting on make-up, it is amazing that things are only as bad as they are. I watched a lady use her rear... [Read More...]

Jerry’s Garage

As you can see from the picture, his garage is pretty full- but check out the 81 Ducati Darmah that his wife got him for his birthday. Good wife- and the bike is sweet too. This is one of 40 that were imported into the US that year, so it is indeed quite rare. He said it is all original and in excellent unrestored condition. I don’t know about the wife.  Read More →

Drag Strip Video

Sport Rider has a short video clip showing how they do their drag strip testing. Not much real info, but entertaining none the less. Seems to play best using Quicktime.  Read More →

ZX14 riding review

Motorcycle Daily has a good review on the ZX14 from an everyday street riding perspective. It is big, fast and a bit heavy, but that is what makes it a great bike for certain types of riding. Lots of good info here-  Read More →

Cool “Motorbike”

Literally- It is a retro style motorized bike called a Whizzer that is based on an old bike of the same name. Of course now they are made in Taiwan, but they are true to the originals in style and would be great in downtown urban settings or maybe for around the neighborhood. Probably a little dangerous on the road since they top out at 25mph which is just not fast enough to keep the cars from getting frustrated and running you over. RetroThing has... [Read More...]

Guam Harley Club

Well, this is one of those stories that reminds you just how big (and small) the world is. The Guam Club is celebrating their 13th year and it is cool to see motorcycle fanatics literally everywhere. From the Pacific Daily News– It was ‘hawg’ heaven this weekend for members of the local motorcycle club Guam Hawgs as they celebrated their 13-year anniversary. The Sunday celebration was a true-to-form islandstyle event as members camped... [Read More...]

07 GSXR1000 Specs

Motorcyclist has the specs on the new GSXR and it is way more than just an update. Lots of changes- You can’t stay at the top of the food chain by being lax and complacent, but it is doubtful that any street rider can use even a fraction of what last years bike has let alone the new one. The adjustable footpegs will be nice feature for everyone- street and race. From Motorcyclist- A new more compact Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve fuel injection... [Read More...]

Suzuki’s Ben Spies wins title

Photo: Brian J. Nelson  Ben Spies won the AMA Superbike Championship Sunday at Mid-Ohio. Basically, all he had to do was finish to win, and he did that comfortably. Speed has the whole story. This sets up next years series as a real shoot-out between Spies and his Suzuki teammate Matt Mladin who has won 6 championships. It sure would be nice to see some real competition from the other manufacturers next year too.  Read More →