Suzuki SV1000 and SV650 high handlebar prototype- part 4

In this picture, you can get a good idea of just how much higher and further back the handlebars are compared to stock. (You can see the stock left handlebar still mounted on the fork tube.) As you can tell, I have already painted the triple clamp, risers and bars in a matte black. If you want, you can leave them silver but they really do look better in black. You can also see that I have relocated the throttle cables so that they will come out under... [Read More...]

Suzuki SV1000 and SV650 high handlebar prototype- part 3

Today, we are going to look at how to locate and drill the triple clamp so that you have the handlebars located in the right place and, just as importantly, you have room on the bottom for the nuts that will hold them on.  These are Yamaha FZ1 risers and bars, but you can uses just about anything as long as you are willing to relocate you brake/clutch/throttle lines and cables. I’ll show you how to do this in a later post. But, you will need... [Read More...]

Crazy Motocross Front Flip

It is hard to comprehend the physics of this but that makes it that much more amazing… Mark Monea, the Australian motocross/X games rider lands a 360 front flip.  Read More →

Suzuki SV1000 and SV650 high handlebar prototype- part 2

Basically, what you will need to do is either buy another top triple clamp off ebay and save yours in case you ever want to return it to stock (for when you sell it) or take it off so you can have it drilled at a machine shop. Either way, you need to get it off the bike. Start by removing your upper fairing/headlight assembly. If you can’t do this without instructions, the rest of the project is really beyond your capabilities… The ignition... [Read More...]

Suzuki Recalls 75,000 bikes in the US

If you own pretty much any Suzuki from 2008-2010, you should contact your dealer for info. If you are the original owner of record, you will get a recall notice in the mail. This problem is pretty well known in the GSXR community, but many other bikes are affected as well. From the NHTSA- SUZUKI IS RECALLING CERTAIN MODEL YEAR 2008 THROUGH 2010 MOTORCYCLES MANUFACTURED FROM JULY 2007 THROUGH SEPTEMBER 2009, EQUIPPED WITH REGULATOR/RECTIFIER ASSEMBLIES,... [Read More...]